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Metallica Fan Tattoos

As you might have guessed there are more than a few fans that have tattooed this or that album cover or a band members face on to themselves. If you’ve ever been to a rock concert you’ve probably seen more than your fare share, at least of the logo “Metallica”.┬áHere are a few of those, some are better than others.








Here's one from the early days, looks like the 80s

James Hetfield Still Adding Ink Art


Although James Hatfield is now 48 years old and has been a rocker for more than 30 years with the heavy metal rock band Metallica he is still adding on new tattoos. Over the years of his arms have been slowly but surely filling in with new ink designs with a lot of them coming more recently, for example, about two years ago he had a new skull done on his neck.

Some highlights are “Carpe Diem”, Jesus, crosses, “faith” on the inside of his arm, playing cards on one shoulder and lots of flames and spider webs.

metallica hetfield

metallica james hetfield

Metallica’s Cliff Burton’s Misfits Tattoo


Cliff Burton the bassist for Metallica up until his death in 1986 on the tour bus in Sweden, had a nice Misfits on his shoulder. Cliff performed on three of the early Metallica albums. He was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame along with the rest of the band in 2009.