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Mia Tyler Tattoo Obsessed

Mia Tyler is obsessed with music and tattoos. Given who her father is, Steven Tyler, it makes sense that she really digs rock and punk rock but why tattoos? She is one of those that once they’ve got started there’s no stopping. She’s got them everywhere – hands, feet, sleeves, legs, back and she doesn’t even know how many. And we’ve got plenty of pictures because she is a model and doesn’t mind showing them off. Its starts to blur because when you have so many because you start to add little things to them, change or add different colors, blend different ones together, and add designs in between to balance things out. She even has tattoo parties where she and her friend take turns on each other. But she’s only 32 and there is a lot of space left on her skin canvas so we can continue to watch the evolution. Next up is her chest she has said. The challenge starts to be how do you fit all these things together? For example, when you have oriental themed something and a faerie what can you put in between? Well, thats art. The work on her right arm sleeve around the shoulder faerie turned out well. The flowers and colors have a nice aged classic look. The worst one is the face on her foot. What is that? and it is solid ink so I don’t know how she is going to work with it.