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Michael Phelps’ Tattoos

As if we didn’t have to worry about our girlfriends staring at his stomach enough, Olympic champion Michael Phelps has two tattoos on his man-kini line (life long goal of working “man-kini” into an article: check). The 14 time Olympic Gold Medalist has the Olympic rings on the right hip, and an “M” for Maryland. Many people often confuse the “M” for that of the University of Michigan, but seeing as how Phelps was born, raised, and still lives in Baltimore County, Maryland, we think it’s a safer bet to assume that the “M” represents the Old Line State (they should really change it to something crabcake related). Seeing as how his image is already tarnished by his bong incident from a few years ago, we don’t think Phelps will be getting any more ink until after the 2012 Olympics. When he does, we’re going to guess that he goes with something on his forearm.

olympic rings