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Petunia: A Tattoo That’s A Celebrity

There are many celebrity tattoos in this world, but there are very few tattoos that we consider to be celebrities on their own. One such tattoo was located on the right forearm of Little Pete Wrigley from The Adventures of Pete and Pete, a 1990s Nickelodeon show that provided our staff with hours of entertainment. That tattoo has a name, and that name is Petunia! The only tattoo in television history to get its own credit in a show’s opening sequence, Petunia was a lady in a red dress who Little Pete made dance with a simple shake of his arm. She was rhythmic, she was beautiful, and her existence was so surreal that it launched the minds of a thousand idiots like ourselves. Why was it so surreal? Because Little Pete was about eleven years old, and kids with mildly sexual tattoos are awesome. We love Petunia, and we love Pete; they’re both Hall of Famers in our book.