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Nikki Sixx – Fan Ink

If you didn’t know already that Mötley Crüe has some hardcore, true fans, you will now. You might have seen a few tats of the bands logo (or a few thousand if you have been to some rock concerts). But Nikki Sixx‘s fans especially have gotten portraits, etc of their favorite guitarist. Many of them are well done and/or creative. Here are a few we found to demonstrate the variety.

Nicki Minaj’s Fan’s Tattoos

Ok, Now we already covered the one tattoo Nicki has (so far) and that’s a nice tattoo and all but what might be more interesting even are the tattoos her “fans” or admirers are getting with her name or portrait. Have a look at these. It takes a dedicated fan to get their favorite artist inked on them.

This fan shows his dedication with a neck tattoo with Nicki's name
This one didn't come out too well
At least this fan can hide her Nicki Minaj tattoo
Nice ink here, better than the other portrait above.
How about on the hands?
Ew. We're cool with the idea and location but we can't agree with the cartoon style and poor execution. Is that even Nicki? I guess if she says it is.
Another dim portrait on the chest this time

Some of the Worst Tattoos of Celebrities Ever

Some of them were bad ideas, some of them were poorly done, most of them are too big and some of them are all three. Be glad its not you who had the bright idea.




Pacino – Scarface






Amy Lee zombie version.



Scary Beetlejuice, too much color.








Whats this technicolor rave nightmare style?





This is either Bob Barker or a Juggalo clown. Another nightmare.



Can we get some more shading for Bob Dylan’s face I can still see some of it.



Bono, pretty well executed tattoo here but pretty darn big.


This is the guy who killed John Lennon or the one who tried to kill Reagan I think or else one of those serial killers.


Nicki Minaj’s Chinese Script Arm Tattoo

What is the meaning of Nicki Minaj's tattoo? Answer "God Is With Me"

New York Singer and rapper Nicki Minaj was born Onika Tayna Maraj on December 8, 1984 in Trinidad and Tobago. Nicki released her first mixtape called “Playtime is Over” in 2007 and quickly gained a following. It was Lil Wayne who discovered and signed her to a record deal at his Young Money Entertainment company. She released her debut CD titled “Pink Friday” in 2010 achieving platinum sales.

What does Nicki Minaj tattoo mean?
She only has one tattoo on her on her left arm. It’s written in Chinese and means
“God is with me”.

We like it, it looks good. You might ask why in Chinese? Well, for one it looks good in Chinese calligraphy. It might look ok in English calligraphy too but how do you write English vertically? Not very easily. Also, this way, unless you speak Chinese (like 1/6th of the world), you have to ask or wonder what it means. Kind of like a little half secret. We might suggest a fat little Buddha near by this tat and some waves and koi fish to complete the scene.


black and white standing

Travis Barker – Cadillac, Boom Box, Flags and Full Color Tattoos


If anyone deserves a tattoo review here is the man. California native, aged 35, he is well on his way to filling up the body canvas. With his wealth of designs, he blesses the covers of tattoo magazines. This is none other than the punk pop drummer Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182. He has also recently released a solo album Give the Drummer Some where he mixes it up with some other players in his music genre. It has some heavy riffs, hip hop raps, and don’t forget the drums and beats.

Well, this drummer has got some ink. Great color combinations in swirling intricate designs pretty evenly spaced out across his torso and arms up to the side of his head. No doubt he has been taking advantage of good quantity and quality of tattoo artists in the LA area. Facing forward most prominent is the stereo boob box on his stomach, Marilyn Monroe in the center of his neck and the checkered flags on either side of Marilyn. Just below “can I say” is the Cadillac emblem. Cadillac is also written on his side in letters as big as possible. “Hope” on his lower back is written as large possible too. On his right shoulder he has a woman’s face with her blue hair swirling into other organic designs. The dominant themes are scripts, stars and the colors.





hope and star















can say cadillac


boom box




can i say