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Adrienne Bailon Removes Her Kardashian Tattoo


Adrienne Bailon is one of those people who’s kind of so far removed from her original success that it’s become easy to forget exactly why she’s famous. We’re not saying that she’s not successful, because selling about 5 million albums and fronting two different successful music acts is pretty much the definition of success, but we’re pretty sure that there’s a lot of people who know her more for her work on “The Real”, as a red carpet reporter, and her relationship with Rob Kardashian than they do for her music career. Well luckily for her, she’s no longer with the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star, and now over half a decade after they broke up, she’s finally getting rid of some of the evidence. No, she’s not throwing out any bodies, and she’s not giving away any sort of jewelry, but she is getting her butt tattoo removed!adrienne-bailon-butt-tattoo-pic

The couple originally began dating in 2007, and before breaking up in 2009 they decided to take things to the next level by having each other’s names inked on their bodies. Rob got “Adrienne E Bailon” put on his ribs, and to our knowledge he still has it. Adrienne went a little more hard and got “Robert A. Kardashian”…on her butt. Yup, she went for the ole’ name on da butt; never a great idea. After their breakup, Adrienne attempted to have the fairlly large piece removed multiple times, but nothing could do more than slightly fade it. We imagine that her skin type had something to do with it, but who cares, because she recently underwent a new treatment that zapped that bad boy right off her heiny! She invited the cameras from “Extra!” To come along as she went under the laser for her life changing removal. We know that having a tat that no one can see removed shouldn’t really be a huge deal for a millionaire, but anytime you can distance yourself from the Kardashians, it’s a victory.rob-kardashian-rib-tat

To be honest, if we were Adrienne, we would’ve just left the tat and said that we really like lawyers from the 90s, but we’re all idiots. Anyhow, this whole situation is just another reminder that you shouldn’t get anyone’s name inked on you unless you’re already related…also that you shouldn’t date Kardashians, those people are trouble.


Rob Kardashian’s Tattoos Make Us Smile And Shake Our Heads

You think Abraham Lincoln’s son had his own vaudeville act? Probably not, because back in the day you had to do something to be famous. However, Rob Kardashian is proof that these days, all you need is a famous family. So as much as it pains me, people know his name and he’s got tattoos; so he falls under my scope. The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has a significant amount of tattoos, but the ones that seem to get the coverage are those on his left forearm, and the one on the left side of his ribcage. In my opinion, one if awesome, and that other one is a terrible idea; I’ll let you guess which is which. First up is his forearm, which features praying hands and a really nicely done portrait of his late father Robert Kardashian Sr. (a man who was actually famous for a reason). Take a second and consider that one folks…got it? Good. We now move on to his ribs where he has…drum roll please (*drum roll starts*)…the full name of his girlfriend Adrienne Bailon. (*drummer has heart attack and drops sticks, crowd begins to shuffle towards exits*) Really man? You’re not even married to her, ugh. I guess you can guess which one I think is awesome…the Bailon one…what? The script letters make me feel fancy.