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Rob McElhenney’s Tribute Tattoo to Bill Cosby


I’ve told you before about how bad Rob McElhenney’s are; the “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” star and creator has some of the worst ink that any of us have ever seen on a celebrity. However, there was one that we apparently didn’t notice the first time we reviewed his collection of bad body art: a tattoo of Bill Cosby…yes, from the “Cosby Show”, “Fat Albert”, and now unfortunately all those horrible allegations. Full disclosure: I’ve yet to figure out whether the piece is real or fake, and since it’s April Fools’ Day I’m sorry if I’m tricking you. It’s ridiculous nonetheless; especially because of Rob’s efforts to cover it up by making it into a dedication to David Crosby (he of “…Stills and Nash” fame) by adding an “R” to the wording and a mustache to the picture. I don’t care if it’s real, because it’s too great of an idea to matter. Great job Rob!


Rob McElhenney: Mac’s Tats Are Really Bad

Here at Celebrity Tattoo Design, we’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Why the big congrats? Well, it’s because Rob has some of the worst tattoos ever, and he still looks awesome. They’re so bad that people usually think that they’re put on by his show’s make-up department as part of his character.  Now we don’t want to upset anyone, so if they have some strong meaning to him, then we’re sorry, but from a shear artisitic and originality stand point, he has the ink of an early 1990’s adult movie actor. He has a dragon on his right forearm that isn’t very intricate, a feather on his right bicep, and an eagles on his left bicep. So how does he carry these tata around without looking the fool? Simple, by completely not giving a hell and using them to enhance the hilarious portrayal of ‘Mac’ on his hit show. So in closing folks, when it comes to tattoos, Rob Mcelheney can get in line for the Miller High Life stand at a Kid Rock concert any day of the week, but he’d be way too cool to be at the show in the first place.