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Russel Brand’s Arm Candy

We don’t really like Russell Brand around these parts; he’s a bit annoying and his hair reminds us of our weird Aunt Yaya, and she was really mean to us when we were kids (yes…we’re all related, don’t question it). However, we respect how meaningful his new tattoos are. The devote Yoga practitioner recently stepped out with his instructor to do some charity work (another respectable thing…we still don’t like him, but we’d probably have to shake his hand if we met him), and was rocking a sleaveless t-shirt that showed off his new ink. The tattoos, which he’s believed to have gotten a couple of months ago, are of the seven chakras of Hindu and Buddhist yoga and tantra traditions. The tattoos are in Sankrit and chakras are the seven energy centers that it’s believed the body houses. Brand has become very spiritual in recent years, and regularly practices yoga; despite his close relationship with his instructor, he doesn’t take private lessons and prefers instead to practice in a public class setting.

Russell Brand Removes Tattoo?

Supporting our theory that even at their worst, celebrity divorces are never as hard as the ones that the rest of us go through; Rock of Ages and Lamb of God star Russell Brand has apparently continued his process of getting over Katy Perry by getting his matching tattoo covered up. Brand recently divorced the “Part of Me” singer after a somewhat brief marriage, but was left with a Sanskrit tattoo on his right inner-arm that translated to “go with the flow”and matched that of Perry. While us normal folk have to go out and get a poor looking tribal cover-up for our ill-conceived ink, Brand can afford to go to one of the best, Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Tattoo , where he showed up late night recently to browse some designs and talk tats with the popular artist. It’s unclear what work he had done, but numerous sources have stated that he got the Sanskrit covered up with a more favorable and less Perry-inspiring design. We never thought we’d say this, but we can’t wait to see him shirtless again so we can see the new ink.