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Shawn Marion’s Tattoo Mistake

When last we saw Dallas Maverick’s star forward Shawn Marion, he was winning an NBA Championship and taking our award for Best Tattoos of the Playoffs, but we left out one little fact; one his tattoos is an epic miss-print/misstranslation! On his right calf, Marion has three Chinese symbols meant to represent ‘The Matrix” (his nickname), but in reality, they translate as “Demon, Bird, Camphor”. Yes, camphor, the stuff used to make mothballs; making Shawn Marion’s tattoo read more like a comercial for a really strong laundry aid than as a hardcore nickname. He also, has a couple ofother tattoos; one is a dragon wrapped around a cross, the word “COURAGE”, the words “You’re my life”, and a couple of others we can’t make out. However, they’re all overshadowed by the big permanent mistake on his leg, one which he apparently has no plans of getting removed. We actually support his leaving it there, as it will serve as a constant reminder to alwaysuse spell check when writing in Chinese.

Mavs Win the NBA Final, Shawn Marion Wins Best Tats in the Finals Contest

So the Mavs pulled off the big win and took away the NBA final and Shawn Marion wins our vote for the best tats out of those players competing in the NBA final. Even though he did have some competition from the Heat players, we have to choose someone from the winning team.