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Simon Pegg Keeps His Tattoos Personal, But We’ve Still Got Some Pictures

There’s not much to say about Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Star Trek, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol star Simon Pegg’s tattoos, other than what he himself always seems to say: they’re personal. However, we’ve still gotten a glipse of a few of the reported five tattoos that Pegg has throughout his body. He has some stars on his forearm (he describes them as an inside joke between him and his wife), some sort of small symbol on his left shoulder, and what appears to be a sun with a Japanese Kanji symbol in it on his right shoulder. Like we said before, that’s all we really know about Simon Pegg’s tattoos; he keeps his private life pretty private (although lately, he seems to be having trouble hiding a possible hair transplant), and so long as he keeps turning in awesome performances in all of his films, we’re cool with it.