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Tom Delonge’s Dense Sleeve Tattoo and Other Arm Blank

Tom Delonge has a good idea – one arm with a dense colorful sleeve tattoo and the other arm without any ink whatsoever. It stretches to the back of his neck and in front of the shoulder. Sure, he could have gone with both arms splattered with colored ink but this way, the one sleeve draws more attention. And it looks like he had fun developing the one sleeve, who knows where he’ll go with it next. Lot’s of flesh left over.

The Blink 182 band member has a few tats related to music. He has a punk rocker with a mohawk on his shoulder that he says might be Native American and it says southern California and then punk rock beneath. The UFOs below that are bombing his elbow with hellfire. Then he has some more outer space with pyramids and rocket ships. Then a mummy and a snake? Even in Tom’s opinion the whole construction does make much sense all together, its just a hodge podge mess of items scrapped together. He’s also got his wife’s name – Jennifer, on his neck.