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Jesse Metcalfe’s Bad Ink


Folks, every article here at celebrity tattoo design is at least a little different. Sometimes we report on the full body of ink that a famous person has, but other times they have one tattoo that is so bad and ill-advised that we’d be wasting your time if we did anything more than simply mention the others. Sometimes one tattoo is crappy enough that it deserves the spotlight! This is the case with former “Desperate Housewives” and current “Dallas” star Jesse Metcalfe’s shoulder piece, a tat that represents multiple bad ideas at once, and blows our mind with its amazing bad-ness. Yes, he does have a cross on his back, a Roman Numeral. “IX” on his right arm (it looks like a tribute to someone), and had some forearm script that he’s already had removed, but who cares!? He’s got a naked lady on his arm who’s so naked that we had to blur parts of her out! Who is this lady? It’s nude Nadine Coyle! His ex-girlfriend! You’re eyes are not decieving you folks, Jesse Metcalfe had a naked picture of a girl he’s not with anymore inked on his arm. She got a heart on a leash too, and some back-splash design, but the important part remains the most important: he’s got a huge, half-sleeve sized naked ex-girlfriend on his left arm! What’s even more crazy is that he’s rich and hasn’t made any sort of effort to have it removed or covered up. What’s even more crazy than that is that he allegedly got the Girls Aloud singer put on his arm while they were broken up in hopes and in expectation that they would get back together. Well they didn’t reunite and they’ve both ended up with new people…so some dude gets to walk around knowing that John Tucker has a nudie of his best girl on his arm, and some girl gets to stare at Nadine’s breasts every time she takes her man to the beach. The tattoo is actually nicely done if we’re being honest, but the subject-matter is just a bad idea sandwich. Jessie Metcalfe is just another example of why you shouldn’t get inked until you’ve got a ring on it…and even then, get something that you can cover up easily…or at least something somewhat ambiguous. Well, you live and you learn, we wish you the best of luck with your shoulder tattoo Jesse!

Jesse-Metcalfe-shirtless-and-showing-the-tattoos-on-his-back Jesse-Metcalfe-tattoo

Taylor Swift Inspires Body Art…To Mixed Results

Taylor Swift is…polarizing to say the least. If you ask her fans; she’s a strong young woman who oozes talent and who’s had her heart wrongfully broken time after time, and she’s persevered through these countless broken hearts by putting her feelings into song. However, if you ask the more… uhhhhh…logical of us out there, we’d say that she’s a petty young rich kid who doesn’t handle break-ups well, so instead of using her abundance of natural talent to produce true musical art, she writes barely passable songs that amount to nothing more than lyrically slashing the tires of her exes. So with that said, we really like that “Love Story” song, and we get a kick out of all the bad tattoo ideas that she’s inspired, so let’s take a look at some of them

First up, we have the ill advised ink on “The A Team” singer Ed Sheeran’s arm that Swift had to have been the catalyst for. While the two Grammy darlings collaborated on “Everything Has Changed”, they clearly hit it off, with an obviously strong friendship being formed and a rumored love affair (if rumors about Swift are true, this “Love Affair” was mostly hand holding and sharing of milk shakes) coming from their time together. Also from their time together, it seems that Sheeran was inspired to have some ink done, getting the title of her album “RED” placed on his left arm in the exact font as the album’s cover. It’s not a bad tattoo, but it’s also not a great idea to get someone else’s album inked on your arm.

Next up, we have One Direction’s Harry Styles, who recently dated the “Our Story” singer until he dumped her for being “prude”. During their time together, Styles appeared in the video for her song “I Knew You Were Trouble”; in that video he rocked a tattoo of a big ship, a tattoo that he ended with in real life shortly after shooting the clip. Swift apparently went with him to get the ink done, so we can only assume that she also took part in the brain storming that led to the body art. So we have another piece of ink on a guy who isn’t dating the young country star, but this one pales in comparison to our final subject.

We’re not really sure who this guy is, but he seems to be really into Taylor Swift, and also really into saving money on his tattoos. The piece looks like her…if she fell into a mud pit and sustained bruising during the incident. Having someone whom you’ve never met inked on your body is pretty out there; at least when it’s a real person. This isn’t a tattoo of Yoda, it’s a real person, and it’s real weird.

We can only hope that this epidemic of Taylor Swift tattoos stops before it’s too late; it’s like the zombie outbreak, but with teen pop idols and such.


Celebrity Jingle Farts

A hilarious fart filled performace by an all star celebrity trio! This rendition of Jingle Bells should get you right into the Holiday spirit and bring a smile to your face.

Happy Holidays From

Click Here to Watch it, Hear it and Smell it!

Lea Michele: “I’m Done Getting Tattooed”

Lea Michele is calling it quits…from getting tattooed, not acting or singing or whatever it those crazy kids do on Glee. The singing, dancing star of the popular show has been featured on this site before, as we reported that she has at least nine tattoos spread across her body. Well it turns out that she actually has fourteen small tattoos inked in all of her “hidden spots”, and now that she’s run out of hidden spots, she’s done getting work done. At least that’s what she said in an interview on The Late Show with David Letterman. In the same interview, she discussed how getting tattooed is a “family activity” and how she’s ended up with a lot of her ink after long nights of family bonding. In our opinion, this has led to her having some poorly done, but very sentimental ink. If a tattoo truly means something, it’s actually allowed to suck, so Lea Michele is alright in our book. However, we really don’t believe her that she’s done getting tattoos; no one is ever done getting tattoos, they just haven’t thought of what to get next yet.

Did Jessica Alba Get A New Tattoo?

No way, we’re not buying it. There is not way that Jessica Alba, after years of putting forth a squeaky-clean image, after having kids, would go out and get a huge arm tattoo. Rumors have been swirling that the Spy Kids 4 and Escape From Planet Earth star went out and got herself a huge rose tattoo on her left arm, but we’re going to go ahead and disagree…wait, breaking news…her representatives have come forward and said that the ink is in fact fake. The tattoo is actually part of her costume for her character in the upcoming A.C.O.D. In real life, Alba has a tiny bit of ink, but not enough to make her look like a “bad girl” per-say (Refuse to spell check that phrase? Don’t mind if we do). The Into The Blue star has a breast cancer awareness bow on her lower back, a lady bug and daisy combo on the back of her neck, and the Sanskrit word “Padma” on her wrist(it translates to “lotus flower”).

Sarah Harding Is British, Famous, Has Tattoos

The title of this article pretty much sums up what we knew about Sarah Harding before we found out that the recently got a new back tattoo, but once we started to look into the former Girls Aloud group member, we quickly realized that our UK readers absolutely love her! The reality contested turned-bonafide pop-star has a had a ton of hits, and has used the proceeds from them to get a few tattoos, most recently one on her back that says “Don’t be Bitter- Glitter”. She got in the wake of an abuse scandal between her and her former boyfriend; we’re assuming that it’s meant to be inspirational. She also has a small star on the side of her neck (behind her ear), and some Tibetan script on her forearm. She also used to have a small tattoo on her shoulder blade that she recently got removed via laser-surgery. She wears all of her tattoos well, and they fit in well with her glamorous bad girl image.

Kyra Sedgwick’s Mystery Lower Back Tattoo

Yeah, we don’t know either. Kyra Sedgwick, of The Closer has a very strange looking and fairly large piece of ink on her lower back, but we cannot for the lives of us figure out what the tattoo is. The woman that wrangled Kevin Bacon looks great, even in her forties, and she doesn’t by any stretch look bad with the tattoo (which we think she’s had for a while now), but we can’t tell if it’s a dream catcher, or something she doodled on a piece of paper while she was bored one day. Whatever it is, it seems to have a floral theme to it…and that’s all we got, sorry folks; we’ll let you know whaen we finally figure out Kyra Sedgwick’s tattoo.