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Zoe Saldana’s Arabic Tattoos

Zoe Saldana has been one of the most gorgeous young actresses in Hollywood for quite some time already, and with roles in Star Trek, Avatar, and their sequels, she’s also in the process of becoming an A-list talent. Unfortunately though, her tattoos are a bit D-list. The pieces of ink that she has on her foot, ribs, and lower abdomen are all messages written in Arabic, which would be perfeclty fine…if they made any sense. Our professional Arabic translator (or as you’d call him: the rest of the internet) pointed out that none of the tattoos seem to be clear translations. Instead, they’re riddled with misspellings, even the one that people can understand (her foot tattoo reportedly says “I want to ask her”) isn’t perfect. Saldana doesn’t seem like the type to screw something like this up, so we’ve got to think that there’s a reason behind this, or at worst that she’s been swindled by an uneducated artist. Regardless, she still wears them well, but considering the fact that she’d look good in a potato sack cover in ABBA bumper stickers, that doesn’t say much for the tattoos.