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Andrei Kirilenko’s New Huge Monster Tattoo

Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz has an enormous scary tattoo on his back. At first I couldn’t quite make out where the head is on that beast. It’s to the right of center folding over his shoulder slightly. In the close-up you can see there is a knight riding the winged creature. That is some monstrosity we haven’t been able to figure out the source of but he says his kids like it, so that’s good but it probably gave them nightmares for a few days!

Ben Affleck’s Tattoos

We all make mistakes when we’re young, even celebrities…especially celebrities. The same gusto it takes to make it big in Hollywood is often the same gusto it takes to say…get some bad ink done when you’re a teen. Take Ben Affleck for example, although he was great in The Town, has movies like Argo coming up, was the bomb in Phantoms, and captivated us all in The Voyage of the Mimi (which we though was a real documentary when we were kids… stupid misleading science teacher); he still found time to get tattoos that he regrets. He’s stated before that he wants to get rid of them, but so far they’re still there, and they include: barb wire (right bicep; although he seems to have covered that up with a new piece), a dolphin (somewhere on his body, it covers up the name of his High School girlfriend),a huge cross (left arm), a fish intertwined with a skull and crossbones (right arm), and the initials “OV” with “MOH NON TE” written above it and “TA OR” underneath it (shoulder blade). That’s some collection, but we have to imagine that if he really didn’t want them anymore, he’d use some of his millions to get rid of them, so he must have some attachment, like that old shirt you won’t throw away, or your grandma.

Tim Armstrong – Punk Rocker with Skull and Spider Web Tattoos No Less

neck and arms

Tim Armstrong is a punk music legend. Born in Berkely, California in 1965, he’s been part of such acts as Operation Ivy, The Transplants, and Downfall, but he’s most famous as the lead singer and founder of Rancid, which you may remember from the early 90s when they became somewhat well-known (that’s big time for a punk band). He also founded and co-owns Hellcat Records. It should be no surprise that this rocker is covered in tattoos. His biggest and most famous piece is the spider web on top of his head, which he’s had things added to over the years, making it a constant work in progress. He also has extensive work on both arms. The tattoos on his left arm include, a bracelet of skulls on his wrist, the “Hellcat Records” logo on his forearm, a large skull, and a spider web on his elbow; while the tattoos on his right arm include, a big skull on his bicep (which was done to cover his ex wife’s name “Brody”) and large rose on the inside of his forearm. He also has a spider on the left side of his neck, the letters “PUNX” on the knuckles of his left hand, and “U.S. Thugs” on his stomach. He still tours with his various bands and is a fixture in the punk community, so he will probably never stop getting ink, so keep an eye on the ever changing canvas that is Tim Armstrong.

full arm view

spider web

green day billy joe


Robert De Niro Tattooed in Cape Fear

Robert De Niro has only one real tattoo – a panther – and there are no photos of it and he’s not saying where its located but we’ve heard its on his shoulder. However, we have had a chance to see De Niro all tatted up thanks to the movie Cape Fear. These tattoos were meant to elicit an effect on the audience and they do a decent job making you imagine what this jail bound character must be like – a tough, psycho bad guy. De Niro, as usual, put in some good acting work on the film so that helps too. Its a decent thriller movie with some other good actors. On his back is a enormous cross with scales on it. Then he’s got an ugly heart with the name Loretta above it, some lightning bolts on his stomach and then many other mostly ugly and crude tats on his arms and shoulders befitting of his character. These are examples of what not to get tattooed unless you’re bored in prison. Getting up there in years, De Niro might be passed the days where he’s gonna run out to the tattoo parlor to get a girl’s name or a cross inked on him so this movie might be the only time he’ll be visible with tattoos.



Travis Barker – Cadillac, Boom Box, Flags and Full Color Tattoos


If anyone deserves a tattoo review here is the man. California native, aged 35, he is well on his way to filling up the body canvas. With his wealth of designs, he blesses the covers of tattoo magazines. This is none other than the punk pop drummer Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182. He has also recently released a solo album Give the Drummer Some where he mixes it up with some other players in his music genre. It has some heavy riffs, hip hop raps, and don’t forget the drums and beats.

Well, this drummer has got some ink. Great color combinations in swirling intricate designs pretty evenly spaced out across his torso and arms up to the side of his head. No doubt he has been taking advantage of good quantity and quality of tattoo artists in the LA area. Facing forward most prominent is the stereo boob box on his stomach, Marilyn Monroe in the center of his neck and the checkered flags on either side of Marilyn. Just below “can I say” is the Cadillac emblem. Cadillac is also written on his side in letters as big as possible. “Hope” on his lower back is written as large possible too. On his right shoulder he has a woman’s face with her blue hair swirling into other organic designs. The dominant themes are scripts, stars and the colors.





hope and star















can say cadillac


boom box




can i say



Brandon Boyd – Mandala, Om, Flying Things and a Peacock

things with wings

California native Brandon Boyd is a musician and visual artist (mostly a painter). He is best known of course as the singer for the band Incubus. As an artist we expect some decent tattoos from him and truth be told he has designed some decent ones. In red, in ancient Buddhist script, he has written the sacred chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” that is translated in various ways. The choice of red here works well in contrast with the rest of the tats on the same arm and in contrast with his other arm. Continuing with the Indian theme, he has a flowery mandala on the other side of the Om, with some more script characters inside the flower petals. Towards his wrist, he has some thick circles-within-circles design. And there is another one of a stylized fish in a circle.

On the other arm is an elaborate peacock and a portrait of what looks like a monk contemplating something. On his back he has a big flying pyramid with the “all seeing eye” in it, kind of like the dollar bill except this one has big wings. We leave it for you to speculate about what this symbolizes. Below that is another winged, flying creature. The question we have is why is the flying creature so close to the flying pyramid, smashed up right under the wings of the pyramid? There seems to be more space available. One possibility is that he plans to put more tattoos below and to the right of the pyramid making a rounded symmetrical shape out of the 3-4 tattoos. That might work.

winged pyramid


boyd red forearm


om padme


in the tattoo parlor getting inked


vim carlo








hands behind back


hands up