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Bow Wow’s Tattoos – Prince of the O-Town

head glasses

Born Shad Gregory Moss in 1987, Bow Wow started out his career at the age of thirteen as “Lil’ Bow Wow”, releasing his first album “Beware of Dog”. He soon entered the acting world with roles in films like “All About The Benjamins” and “Like Mike”, and also soon started entering tattoo shops. He’s tattooed mainly on his arms, but his most prominent piece is on his chest; a script banner reading “Prince of the O-Town”, O-Town refers to Columbus, Ohio where he was raised. Amongst the tattoos on his left arm are a large clown, the letter “B”, and a money bag. On his right arm, he has things like the praying hands of Jesus, a prayer, a vertical line of old English style letters, and a paw print. Scattered around the rest of his body are works that include a rose, dice with flames, dollar signs,  a heart/diamond/spade/club combo, the phrase “Only God can judge me”, his mothers name and face, a flaming skull, and the words, “Boy Wonder”. He seems pretty invested at this point, so it’s only a matter of time before he has two full sleeves and a full back piece, but who can blame him? He likes to get ink, and it’s not like he’s going to get fired from his job…as a rapper…for being too inked up.

Bow Wow those magic tats did nothing to help you in the hoops showdown with Kobe but you might have won the battle of best ink art.

facing forward


chest tats