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Jon Bon Jovi’s Lifeless Tattoos

Jon Bon Jovi is from New Jersey and that explains a lot when you try to place his musical style and also when you take a look at his tattoos. We’re not gonna comment on the nature of that Jersey style, whether it is good or bad or whatever, we’re just saying it kinda makes sense. He’s got a Superman tat on one shoulder and a cow skull with a feather on the other. Those are ok, they look a little old, they could use some new color and a little embellishment to give them some new life. The dragon one on his ankle is the most interesting but somewhat colorless too.

Shania Twain and Her Gigantic Colorful Tats

Here is Shania Twain with some awesome huge dragons on her chest and arms. Sike! They’re not real. We wish they were. Maybe if she got enough fan mail complimenting the beautiful dragon designs and encouraging her to go ahead and get them really done? Probably not. Notice the big dragon would be over one of her breasts. You don’t see that too often on women, it wouldn’t be much fun. Below is another fake, a tiger this time. But she does have an actual tattoo, that being a heart with a sword going through it. That is appropriate for her as she had a troubled marriage and it’s good material for country music too.

Diego Maradona – Che, Fidel and More



Diego Maradona former superstar football/soccer player, World Cup champion and former head coach of the Argentine National team is one of the most the eccentric and charismatic figures of the sport. Going along with his personality, he has some interesting tattoos as well. To start with, he has a couple of Latin American communist all stars – Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. And he has even shown his portrait of Fidel to Fidel himself in person. He has said that he wants add a portrait of Hugo Chavez. On his left shoulder he has a dragon and on each forearm he has the name of one of his daughters – Gianinna and Dalma.






Rob McElhenney: Mac’s Tats Are Really Bad

Here at Celebrity Tattoo Design, we’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Why the big congrats? Well, it’s because Rob has some of the worst tattoos ever, and he still looks awesome. They’re so bad that people usually think that they’re put on by his show’s make-up department as part of his character.  Now we don’t want to upset anyone, so if they have some strong meaning to him, then we’re sorry, but from a shear artisitic and originality stand point, he has the ink of an early 1990’s adult movie actor. He has a dragon on his right forearm that isn’t very intricate, a feather on his right bicep, and an eagles on his left bicep. So how does he carry these tata around without looking the fool? Simple, by completely not giving a hell and using them to enhance the hilarious portrayal of ‘Mac’ on his hit show. So in closing folks, when it comes to tattoos, Rob Mcelheney can get in line for the Miller High Life stand at a Kid Rock concert any day of the week, but he’d be way too cool to be at the show in the first place.

Tyson Beckford’s Full Sleeves, Neck and Back

Tyson Beckford has some dense full arm sleeve work. You can see he started with some Chinese dragons on both arms, designs and characters and slowly filled in more and more. On his neck he has some more Chinese characters and the name Jordan (the name of his son) on the other side. The mother of the American supermodel is Chinese Jamaican so his Chinese heritage is probably why he has chosen so many Chinese motifs but his mother apparently isn’t happy about all his tattoos (they never are). After the dragons, it looks like the arms are almost filled in completely with dark ink designs. On his back, inside of a large cross it reads “Lord of Lords”, he is probably talking about Jesus there.

Tattooed Profile: The UFC’s Chris Lytle

It’s not every day that I get to write about someone as epically cool as recently retired UFC competitor Chris “Lights Out” Lytle, but today is a good day. Finishing his career with a 3rd round guillotine choke victory over welterweight contender Dan Hardy, Lytle retired from the UFC with a record of 10-10 (40-18-4 in overall Mixed Martial Arts competition); as a winner of multiple “Fight Night” bonuses and one of the most popular fighters in the promotion’s history. He also had a successful career as a pro boxer before transitioning into MMA, and has spent his entire career as a fighter juggling his career as a fire fighter in Indiana. Yup, he also saves lives, and what’s he going to do now that he’s hanging his gloves up? He’s going to run for Indiana State Senate. The man is putting together quite the life resumè, and he’s doing it all while getting progressively covered in more and more ink. He started with a simple target design on his upper back, but has since added a huge lion to his lower right torso and ribcage; and a really nicely done dragon that covers his left pec and extends to his left arm and wraps around his bicep. He will most likely get more ink now that he has more free time on his hands, and will continue to show that tattoos are part of our culture. A man of his accomplishments shows that the days of ink being for low-lives are over, and that it’s about the man, not the ink on his body…unless it’s a barb wire or tribal band around your forearm…those things are done.

Paula Yates – Dragon Out of Place

British television presenter Paula Yates is probably best known for who she married (Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof, and deceased INXS leader Michael Hutchence), and how she died (accidental drug overdose). This isn’t fair though folks; she should be known for the great job she did hosting shows like The Tube and Big Breakfast, and for her tremendous ability to have a super-generic dragon tattoo in a very visible spot and still look cool. The tattoo itself is unimpressive; a standard, run of the mill dragon that looks like she (*dun dun duuuunnnnnn*) picked it out of the book at the tattoo parlor. However, Yates’ awesomely pulled of “bad girl” image makes the ink stand out as just more proof that she was a free spirit who did what she wanted. She could have gotten a tribal armband and still been invited to more parties than us; simply because she realized something we all should: the tattoo is only as good/ bad as the person who has it. Rest in Peace Paula Yates, thanks for showing us how it’s done.


Batista – Big Arms, Big Tattoos

Born in 1969, David Michael Batista, known to his fans as only “Batista”, is one of the most famous and beloved performers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He’s also done work as an actor and a body builder, but it’s nothing compared to the extensive work done on him by tattoo artists. Amongst his many tattoos, there’s a large Chinese dragon on his back, red Japanese Kanji lettering on his left biceps (translating to “Angel”, in representation of his ex-wife Angie – (its always good to put a spouse or lovers name tattooed in Japanese so that way, after the break up, nobody knows how foolish you were). Then, there is a signature design on his right biceps, a small sun that encircles his belly button (a fascinatingly feminine tattoo for such a manly dude), the flags of Greece and The Philippines on his left arm, and the words “DC Soldier” on his right arm. He recently added a lot of tribal designs to his arms, giving his upper body a sort of “suit of armor” look. His job doesn’t preclude him from getting more ink, so look for him to get even more covered in the future. In the next Fast and Furious we want to see Batista appear as the evil twin of The Rock or both The Rock and Batista should be Terminators in the next Terminator movie.





Mia Tyler Tattoo Obsessed

Mia Tyler is obsessed with music and tattoos. Given who her father is, Steven Tyler, it makes sense that she really digs rock and punk rock but why tattoos? She is one of those that once they’ve got started there’s no stopping. She’s got them everywhere – hands, feet, sleeves, legs, back and she doesn’t even know how many. And we’ve got plenty of pictures because she is a model and doesn’t mind showing them off. Its starts to blur because when you have so many because you start to add little things to them, change or add different colors, blend different ones together, and add designs in between to balance things out. She even has tattoo parties where she and her friend take turns on each other. But she’s only 32 and there is a lot of space left on her skin canvas so we can continue to watch the evolution. Next up is her chest she has said. The challenge starts to be how do you fit all these things together? For example, when you have oriental themed something and a faerie what can you put in between? Well, thats art. The work on her right arm sleeve around the shoulder faerie turned out well. The flowers and colors have a nice aged classic look. The worst one is the face on her foot. What is that? and it is solid ink so I don’t know how she is going to work with it.



















Matt Schulze’s Japanese Dragon and Thunderbird Tattoos

Matthew Steven Schulze was born on July 3, 1972 in St. Louis Missouri. He moved to Atlanta at 16 and studied guitar. He later moved to Los Angeles to become a studio musician.  He soon began acting and modeling which led to his first big break modeling for Levi’s. He made his big debut starring along with Wesley Snipes in the movie Blade. Matt must have a fondness for the Asian culture because he has large inspired Asian dragon design tattooed on his right shoulder onto his chest. On his left shoulder he has the image of an American Native thunderbird. He could be torn between two loves. Matt told the UMSFC, “On my right arm is a Japanese dragon …It represents a mish mash of twisted memories from my youth and early manhood. I have slain the dragon. The rest of my ink are Native American…they represent part of my heritage.” Its not quite balanced with one shoulder all thickly inked with the ocean and the dragon and the other arm only with the thunderbird outline tat but it looks alright that way.