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Selena Gomez Gets Tattoo…We Think

Okay, so Selena Gomez says that she got a tattoo, there’s pictures of her in the tattoo shop with a famous tattoo artist, but ummmm…that looks a lot more like a piece of glitter or some confetti. We’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt because we don’t really care to look into it and because she seems like an okay girl; we’re going to say that it’s ink and not party decoration. Wizards of Waverly Place star and Justin Bieber’s girlfriend now has a tiny music note design on her right wrist that must’ve taken approximately 5 minutes to get done and couldn’t have cost her more than fifty bucks. She said that it represents her love of music. We guess it’s cute, but in more of a little kid wearing her mother’s shoes and jewelry way than in a aesthetically pleasing way.

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles Believes


Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles believes in something, what that is we don’t know but something probably, maybe Jesus, but in that case why didn’t she write “Jesus” on her wrist. Maybe she believes in herself so that is why she had that written on herself. It’s quite possible that she sings about it in her songs but we haven’t heard all her songs so we are content to guess.

The little flower she has on her hip was her entrance into the tattoo world at the age of 18. Then there is the heart with wings that we thought was fake at first because the colors are unrealish. But it seems to stay there unlike some other fake tattoos she has appeared with (see bottom pic, a joke Ronnie Dunn portrait).




Shania Twain and Her Gigantic Colorful Tats

Here is Shania Twain with some awesome huge dragons on her chest and arms. Sike! They’re not real. We wish they were. Maybe if she got enough fan mail complimenting the beautiful dragon designs and encouraging her to go ahead and get them really done? Probably not. Notice the big dragon would be over one of her breasts. You don’t see that too often on women, it wouldn’t be much fun. Below is another fake, a tiger this time. But she does have an actual tattoo, that being a heart with a sword going through it. That is appropriate for her as she had a troubled marriage and it’s good material for country music too.

Benji Madden Shows Off Bright, Colored Tats

benji madden

Benji Madden, the guitarist for Good Charlottte, shows what a little color can do. Know we can see that we don’t have to be stuck with dull black, dark green and blue. Hurray for him. I always wonder why most people choose such colorless tats. It does take a little more time in the salon to get those colors strong and keep them fresh.

Benji is now 32, and his arms are fairly solidly colored – yellow, red, blue, orange and purple. He does have some space on his chest and torso for some more coloring. On his neck is a big praying Mary on one side a big Jesus on the other. On his left arm he has the scene of the Last Supper. He does have some cartoonish tats that I can’t imagine anyone will want to look at for a lifetime but maybe those can be re-worked. And on his back you would never guess who he’s got on there – an enormous Benjamin Franklin. Style points for that. Was it because he was named after old Franklin? But there is no color! Color old Ben in por favor!



benji guitar

benji forearm

benjamin back


Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Family Heart Tattoo

Born in April of 1979, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has had a very diverse career in entertainment. First finding success in the 1990s as the lead singer of indie rockers Theaudience, Bextor has since forged an impressive solo resume as a singer, songwriter, model, and club DJ. As for her tattoo resume, it’s significantly shorter than her entertainment one. She only has one work of ink on her body; a heart with a banner reading “Family” across it. Sitting on her right arm, the tattoo is a simple proclamation of her love of her relatives, and looks very understated and strangely classy on her. Is that a bright red or is that a bright red? I bet that she had that color refreshed more than a few times. Bright color always does something for a decent tattoo to improve its boldness. It is bold but it looks lonely there. There’s pretty heavy odds that we won’t be seeing much from her in future in regards to body art, just maybe, but her career is still going strong, so we will for sure come to know that little heart more intimately.


heart sophie in dress


close up family



Keyshia Cole – A Heart with a Stake Through it and More

big stake

Hip-Hop Soul singer Keyshia Cole first gained success when her debut album The Way It Is reached platinum status in 2005. Since then, her career has had it’s ups and downs, but one thing that has remained consistent is her love of tattoos. Keyshia has at least five tattoos that we know of. She has one on her neck that says, “Have Faith” with a small red heart next to it. She also has a heart and a tear drop on her left hand, a teddy bear on her right ankle, a rose with flames on her left wrist, and “Truly Blessed, D.Gibson” on her left shoulder (it’s in honor of her husband, NBA player Daniel Gibson). However, her biggest piece of body art is on her right arm. At quick glance, it looks like the birth of a jellyfish, but on further inspection, it’s a heart with a stake going into it, set on a star. That sounds like a bad idea, but when you look at it, it turned out alright. That wooden stake was a strange choice but there it is going through a big black heart that looks like a plum. There were rumors that she was going to stop getting ink in order shed her “ghetto image”, but with tattoos rapidly becoming more acceptable to the masses, there’s nothing ghetto about her, and she will probably get more in the future.



wrist closer




stake and fur




keyshia cole shoulder



Johnny Depp – Movie Star, Pirate and Tattoo Collector


John Christopher Depp II was born on June 9, 1963. A musician and actor Depp has won the Screen Actors Guild and the Golden Glove award.  He quickly rose from a TV heart throb on the show “21 jump street” to a major movie star. Most recently he is starring in the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Johnny is no stranger to tattoos. He has an estimated 14 across his body in most of the major open spots. He says they are all sentimental milestones in his life that he would like to remember. That’s one way to do it that can be fun, hopefully when he is an old geezer he will still be able to make out what the tattoos were. He proudly displays his national heritage of the “head of a Cherokee Indian Chief” on his shoulder. He has the name of his first born child along with his mother’s name and a flying sparrow with his son’s name, Jack, below that. Isn’t that an interesting synchronicity because his character in the Pirates movies is “Jack Sparrow”. The character in the films also has numerous tattoos. Johnny recently added a new tattoo that says “Silence Exile Cunning”.


indian head

betty 1

betty 2

winona indian

Miley Cyrus’ Inconspicuous Tattoos

Destiny Hope Cyrus, star of Hannah Montana and known today as Miley Cyrus was born on November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee.  She’s the daughter of famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and has made a fortune since a very young age in TV and lately music.  The beautiful actress, songwriter, and singer seem to have several tattoos plastered over her cute little body. Located on her right torso is a decent sized dream catcher. Appearing on her fingers are the tattoos of a small cross with a heart. Miley Cyrus also has the word “love” tattooed on her ear, and on her rib cage is the phrase “just breathe”.  The tattoo “Just breathe” is an honorary memorial to one of her closet friends. Her friend died of cystic fibrosis. She has started out small but being this young we peg her for one of those gals that might get a full sleeve tat or a big back tattoo one day.


Wait a minute that skull is not what she really has there! Nice try though.

Chris Brown Steadily Adding Tattoos

Christopher Maurice Brown was born May 5, 1989. The actor, dancer, singer and songwriter made his debut at the age of 16. He recorded songs titled, “Kiss Kiss” “Forever” and “I Can Transform Ya”. His hit single “Run it” sold over 2 million copies. But then he may be more well-known for mistreating his girlfriend Rihanna.

His first tattoo was one of Christ with musical notes acknowledging him for the gift to sing. The second one Chris got when he was 14 it was the letter “C” and next the letter “B”. The latest tattoo Chris Brown got was a skull with an halo. The most profound tattoo is the ninjas and darkness. Chris says it represents his past and the struggles he had to conquer within himself. He has been getting a lot of tattoo work recently. You can see the progression in the pics, some before, some more recent. His entire upper chest and neck is now inked. He has a heart (with a knife through it no less), some wings and some flowers too. The arms are a little too densely inked to make out what he’s got there.



Billy Bob Thornton’s Multiple Tattoos

Billy Bob Thornton was actually born William Robert Thornton in Hot Springs, Arkansas August 4, 1955. While not blessed with the standard Hollywood good looks, Billy Bob made his mark playing a mentally challenged man in Sling Blade. He also wrote and directed it. So I’ll say the guy is excellent at playing mentally ill people. But when you think of Billy Bob let’s face it, you think the guy who had Angelina Jolie. Well that disaster didn’t last long and nether have the 5 other times Billy Bob’s been married. He also has a total 5 children. This man has many talents. Billy Bob is also well known for his randomly placed bad tattoos. He has a plethora of tats evenly distributed on all the common open spaces of his arms and legs and anywhere else you have some room to put some ink. He has a combination of some common themes found on the walls of your local tattoo parlor– roses, hearts, crosses, names, a few unique pieces and the Texas flag – “Remember the Alamo”. Also note that almost any tattoo looks better with a black Metallica t-shirt. Rock on Billy.

Billy’s 1st tattoo
A Small heart with an arrow going through it on his forearm. The Banner on the heart has the name BILLY written in it. Like many people Billy just picked anything off the wall for his first piece.

You looking at me?

Rose Tattoo – This is a Cover up job. Billy Bob originally got this tattoo for a girl he met back in 1977. Its rumored Angelina Jolie made Billy Bob cover it up. This beauty is Located on his left arm, at the top of the forearm.

LEO the lion tattoo. Guess what astrological sign Billy Bob is?

Remember the Alamo – I know this sounds exactly like one of those  “You might be a red neck if…” jokes, but Billy Bob really has a remember the Alamo tattoo. If you thought the tattoo is a tribute to the Alamo you are half right. The piece is a reminder of the movie the Alamo Billy Bob stared in, not the actual historical event.

I got your back

Constance – This is Billy Bob’s tribute to Connie, the mother of his daughter Bella. The tattoo is on his spine and is a reference to Connie having his back. What a loon right?

Nothin’ Doin’ – Another heart tattoo. Back a few centuries ago Billy played in a band called Nothin’ Doin’ This tat is on Billy’s left arm. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lotus Flower –  Located on his right arm, upper bicep at the top

The Angie Magic Mushroom  – This winning tattoo is a tribute to both Angelina and Billy Bob’s favorite band the Allman Brothers. It appears all of the members of the Allman Brothers have mushroom tattoos. A concept taken from their Eat a Peach album released in 1972. This winner is on his right calf. Billy Bob got this at the world famous Sunset Tattoo in Hollywood, CA


Soaring Eagle with Family Names – This tattoo has the names of -Willie, Harry, and Maddox– Billy’s sons, and of course Angelina’s name is right there. I wonder if he will Angelina’s name on the tattoo.

You can almost hear the swish of bodily fluids.