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Julia Roberts’ Family Tattoo

  Mirror,Mirror star Julia Roberts is the last person we expected to get a lower-back tattoo…okay, Oprah is the last person we expected to get a lower-back, but Julia Roberts is definitely on the list. The Ocean’s 11 star is one of Hollywood’s most respected women, so her new-ish tattoo was a bit of a surprise to us; although, the fact that it’s a tribute to her family makes it a lot more respectable. The piece, which is rather large, is an illustration that we can’t make out surrounded by the names of her three children (Henry, Phinnaeus and Hazel). It’s a great sentiment, but a terrible tattoo; and we also have to question her choice of placement again, as she’s past the point in her life where one would normally get a lower-back tattoo. She might have been better off getting the names inked separately in a different spot.



Chuck Liddell’s Tattoos Insure He Will Always Be Scary

It takes a special kind of person to get a tattoo on his or her head, and that special kind of person is usually especially frightening; so even though he is no longer a high level Mixed Martial Artist, Chuck Liddell’s head tattoo makes sure he will always be intimidating. However, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light-Heavyweight Champion of the World and UFC Hall of Famer’s ink actually has a niver meaning. In Liddell’s own words, “It says Koei-Kan which is the martial arts style I started in first. It means a place of peace and prosperity.”. Liddell also has a creepy looking fighter-guy on his shoulder that says “Kempo” (another martial art) under it, and that one is their just to show his love for the art that made him millions and madehim a legend. Chuck Liddell may not be on top anymore, but his tattoos will forever be champions in our book, and we still wouldn’t want to run into him a dark ally…he seems to nice to hurt us, but now that we’ve wrote this, it might be awkward.

George St. Pierre: Kanji And Love Of Canada

George St. Pierre (GSP) is one of the greatest talents in the history of mixed martial arts (MMA), but he’s definitely not one of the most tattooed. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion of the World and perenial top three pound for pound fighter only has two tattoos on his entire body. GSP has kanji symbols on his left pec that represent the two sides of his personality (“rude and nice” as he puts it), and a Fluer De Lis on his calf to represent his homeland in Quebec, Canada. A big reason for GSP’s lack of ink is probably his major maintsteam endorsement contracts with Gatorade and Under Armour; deals that have a lot to do with his ultra-clean cut image. While many fighters play up the ink-covered bad-boy image, GSP is all suits and polite speaking; he’s the guy that you’d want your daughter ro marry, and that guy usually doesn’t have too many tattoos.

Ryan Roberts – Most Tats in Major Leagues

Ryan Roberts, infielder for the Arizona Diamondback, is the MLB player with the most tattoos. He has lost count of how many he has after 30 something and after they started to blend together in a dense blur on his arms. Coming in second is Josh Hamilton, outfielder of the Texas Rangers, with about 26 tattoos. Roberts’ fans have even given him the nickname “Tatman” and he has played well this year helping the Diamondback reach this playoffs after a poor record last year.

My favorite is the Koi fish on his chest, that one is well done. He also has a star branded on his rib cage.

Chris Evans – Captain America’sTattoos

It should come as no surprise that Chris Evans has some tattoos; after all, the star of Captain America:The First Avenger, Puncture and What’s Your Number? is young and in shape. It’s also not too surprising that he has some very cliched tattoos, with the notable exception being the tribute to his best friend (who unfortunately passed away in an accident) that he has inked on his ribcage. The tribute says “In Loving Memory of Bardsley With Me Always”, and is a nice bit of sentiment; other than that though, he has the standard Japanese Kanji symbol on his arm, some sentence in Kanji on the same arm, and a ‘Taurus’ symbol on his shoulder. We can’t hate on him for having standard ink though, we all have it, and none of us are Captain Friggin’ America, so Evans is cool in our book.

Singer Kym Marsh’s Tattoos


Kym Marsh, known to British television audiences as Michelle Conner of Coronation Street and to American audiences as…a British person, has a couple of well placed tattoos. The actress and singer has Japanese Kanji symbols of unknown meaning running down her spine on her lower back. The star who sang Cry also has the name of her husband in Japanese and the name of her kids in Arabic tattooed on her left shoulder. They’re very subtle pieces, and despite they’re prime placement, they don’t draw too much attention away from her stunning good looks. She manages the rare feat of having highly visible tattoos, while still looking very classically beautiful; you know, like Bon Jovi…what? He’s a lovely man.

wedding marsh shoulder



Lance Bass’ Tattoos – Ankle, Wrist and Mystery Locations

ankle tat

Lance Bass, born in Mississippi in 1979, has made a career as a singer, dancer, producer, author, and actor, and is most famous for being an openly gay member of ultra-famous boy band, N’Sync. He recently gained some time in the press for allegedly running in fear out of a Las Vegas tattoo shop. Bass vehemently denied reports that he chickened out in the face of the old electric needle, and cited that he had seven tattoos already and had simply left because he didn’t need anymore ink. Of the seven tattoos he claims to have, there’s only photographic evidence of two of them, He has a Japanese Kanji symbol of unspecified meaning on his left wrist, and what has only been described as an “artistic symbol” on his left ankle/lower calf. The story about him running out of the shop is almost definitely bogus, but his explanation makes you wonder where his other five tattoos are.

Christian Vieri’s Japanese Character Tattoos

Christian Vieri is an Italian football player. At one time (in 1999 with Lazio) he was the highest played in the world. Even now only a few players have been payed more. He also had a notable career playing with the Italian national team in several World Cup matches and scoring more than a few goals. However, he missed the 2008 World Cup when Italy won the title, he had already retired from the national team.

Christian has some tats spaced out on his arms. Interestingly he says that when he decided to get the Japanese characters (kanji) done he just went in a picked out what he thought looked good and didn’t even ask what they meant. Oh well, he picked some decent ones – thunder, strength, eternity, heart and mind… and we’re not sure what else and if they fit together somehow. And when he later found out what they meant he was pleased. Those are good ones for a football striker especially.

On his right shoulder he has a star design that started out small and then grew to a more elaborate version. Below that is an arrow pointing forward. On his left should he has a red sun that has a jumping dolphin in front of it.