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Justin Bieber Shows Off New Tattoo And Girlish Figure

We’re starting to wonder how many tattoos “Baby” singer Justin Bieber can get before girls stop screaming and passing out everytime he opens his mouth. Our careers as teen idols started to fizzle out right around tattoo number three, and the Biebs just got his third little piece of ink. You see in our experience, ink only keeps you in hearthrob territory if you’re muscular and masculine, not when you’re built like a female meth-head…just a thought. Anyway, Justin Bieber showed off his new Jesus calf tattoo (it’s from a work called Ecce Homo, not a a tattoo of Jesus’ calf) during a recent beach trip, and while it’s a well done piece of body art, it’s still on Justin Bieber, and none of his tattoos (check them out) are allowed to get our stamp of approval. He’s really bringing our stock down; if he keeps this up, we’re going to have to get face tats just to keep our rep (*incorrectly throws up gang sign, does running-man, leaves with head hung low*).

Calvin Johnson’s Religious Ink

Calvin Johnson of the NFL’s Detroit Lions has a few things going for him; off the top of our heads; he is one of the most talented men to ever play wide receiver in the league, he’s rich, his team is getting better, he’s got one of the coolest nicknames ever (Megatron), and to top it all off he’s got some really nicely done ink. The Pro-Bowl wide-out has half sleeves on both arms, both with what appear to be religious scenes. One has the site of the biblical crucifixion, and the other has something that appears to involve angel wings (we could be totally wrong though). Either way, they’re both really well done. He got them at Tattoos By Randy in Atlanta, GA (US). Oh yeah, did we mention that his nickname is “Megatron”, live the Transformer? We did? Oh, well screw it, you should hear that twice; it’s awesome.

Ronnie Magro From Jersey Shore’s Surprisingly Meaningful Ink

When you think Jersey Shore, we’re 99% sure that the first word that pops into your mind is “religious”, but aparently that wouldn’t be that far off…at least in regards to resident brawler Ronnie Magro’s tattoos. The Bronx born “star” of the popular MTV series has three large pieces of ink on his body, and they’re all related to his catholic faith, and all really well done. On his left shoulder blad/upper back, he has a wooden cross; on his stomach, he has praying hands; and for his latest tattoo, he has a quarter sleave on his right shoulder that depicts heaven and hell. So folks, while it’s safe to say that he doesn’t have the most original ink in the world, at least he has some pieces that mean something to him. He’s also the cast member that we’d least like to throw a used diaper at, so he’s got that going for him.

James Hetfield Still Adding Ink Art


Although James Hatfield is now 48 years old and has been a rocker for more than 30 years with the heavy metal rock band Metallica he is still adding on new tattoos. Over the years of his arms have been slowly but surely filling in with new ink designs with a lot of them coming more recently, for example, about two years ago he had a new skull done on his neck.

Some highlights are “Carpe Diem”, Jesus, crosses, “faith” on the inside of his arm, playing cards on one shoulder and lots of flames and spider webs.

metallica hetfield

metallica james hetfield

Benji Madden Shows Off Bright, Colored Tats

benji madden

Benji Madden, the guitarist for Good Charlottte, shows what a little color can do. Know we can see that we don’t have to be stuck with dull black, dark green and blue. Hurray for him. I always wonder why most people choose such colorless tats. It does take a little more time in the salon to get those colors strong and keep them fresh.

Benji is now 32, and his arms are fairly solidly colored – yellow, red, blue, orange and purple. He does have some space on his chest and torso for some more coloring. On his neck is a big praying Mary on one side a big Jesus on the other. On his left arm he has the scene of the Last Supper. He does have some cartoonish tats that I can’t imagine anyone will want to look at for a lifetime but maybe those can be re-worked. And on his back you would never guess who he’s got on there – an enormous Benjamin Franklin. Style points for that. Was it because he was named after old Franklin? But there is no color! Color old Ben in por favor!



benji guitar

benji forearm

benjamin back


David Beckham – Big Tats with Wings


David Beckham is one of, if not the biggest name in the biggest sport in the world. Playing as a mid-fielder, Beckham has been a star for Manchester Uniter, Real Madrid, The LA Galaxy, and the English National Team, but he’s perhaps almost as famous for his good looks as he is for his skills on the field. In the past, a man with his brand of fair haired good looks would’ve lost popularity when he started getting tattooed, but lucky for Beckham, he lives in a time where tattoos just add to one’s sex appeal. It seems that the more inked he gets, the more women love him; so he just keeps on getting tattoed. What does he have? Glad you asked: he has a big Jesus on his torso (taken from the painting The Man Of Sorrows), a crucifix on the back of his neck, a guardian angel between his shoulder blades (it overlooks the names of his three children; Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz), an angel on his right shoulder (with the text “In the face of adversity”), the Roman numeral VII on his right arm (for the number seven shirt he wore at Manchester United), a pin-up girl on his forearm, the name of his wife Victoria written in Hindi (he thought it would be “tacky” to have it in English) and a Bible verse written in Hebrew, reads אני לדודי ודודי לי הרעה בשושנים ( “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine, that shepherds among the lilies.”); as well as many others with a dominating theme of things with wings. Most of Beckham’s work has been done by Manchester tattooist Louis Malloy.












stomach angel


right arm


Torso Scribbles