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David Beckham – Big Tats with Wings


David Beckham is one of, if not the biggest name in the biggest sport in the world. Playing as a mid-fielder, Beckham has been a star for Manchester Uniter, Real Madrid, The LA Galaxy, and the English National Team, but he’s perhaps almost as famous for his good looks as he is for his skills on the field. In the past, a man with his brand of fair haired good looks would’ve lost popularity when he started getting tattooed, but lucky for Beckham, he lives in a time where tattoos just add to one’s sex appeal. It seems that the more inked he gets, the more women love him; so he just keeps on getting tattoed. What does he have? Glad you asked: he has a big Jesus on his torso (taken from the painting The Man Of Sorrows), a crucifix on the back of his neck, a guardian angel between his shoulder blades (it overlooks the names of his three children; Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz), an angel on his right shoulder (with the text “In the face of adversity”), the Roman numeral VII on his right arm (for the number seven shirt he wore at Manchester United), a pin-up girl on his forearm, the name of his wife Victoria written in Hindi (he thought it would be “tacky” to have it in English) and a Bible verse written in Hebrew, reads אני לדודי ודודי לי הרעה בשושנים ( “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine, that shepherds among the lilies.”); as well as many others with a dominating theme of things with wings. Most of Beckham’s work has been done by Manchester tattooist Louis Malloy.












stomach angel


right arm


Torso Scribbles

Nick Cannon and His Mariah Back Tattoo

Nick Cannon is a man of many talents. He came to be as Nicholas Scott Cannon born on October 8, 1980. Nick is an actor, comedian, rapper, record producer, radio and television personality. He is also the husband of Mariah Carey, who he married on April 30, 2008. Nick has one large tattoo, the name MARIAH, that runs across his entire back and shoulders.





Travis Barker – Cadillac, Boom Box, Flags and Full Color Tattoos


If anyone deserves a tattoo review here is the man. California native, aged 35, he is well on his way to filling up the body canvas. With his wealth of designs, he blesses the covers of tattoo magazines. This is none other than the punk pop drummer Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182. He has also recently released a solo album Give the Drummer Some where he mixes it up with some other players in his music genre. It has some heavy riffs, hip hop raps, and don’t forget the drums and beats.

Well, this drummer has got some ink. Great color combinations in swirling intricate designs pretty evenly spaced out across his torso and arms up to the side of his head. No doubt he has been taking advantage of good quantity and quality of tattoo artists in the LA area. Facing forward most prominent is the stereo boob box on his stomach, Marilyn Monroe in the center of his neck and the checkered flags on either side of Marilyn. Just below “can I say” is the Cadillac emblem. Cadillac is also written on his side in letters as big as possible. “Hope” on his lower back is written as large possible too. On his right shoulder he has a woman’s face with her blue hair swirling into other organic designs. The dominant themes are scripts, stars and the colors.





hope and star















can say cadillac


boom box




can i say



Ryan Sheckler – Loud and Clear Tattoos

Sheckler began to skate before he could read and began to gets tats shortly thereafter. That wasn’t that long ago because hes only about 22 now. He was shredding on a skateboard in diapers and then he got a TV show.

The thing is when he is skating its hot and he doesn’t want to wear his jersey that has his name on it so he decided to just go ahead and ink his name on his bare back so he wouldn’t have to worry about jerseys or numbers in skate competitions. Everybody can just see who the hell it is – “Oh, its Sheckler”. Its that easy now. We’re glad thats settled.

He has also tatted some other fine proclamations – “Skate Life” one arm “Till Death” on the other arm. Inspired by Tupac’s “Thug Life” tat maybe? Then he has “Fear” one arm, “God” the other arm. That’s right, can’t mess with the maker. Then “Strength & Honor” on the chest. No obscure hidden meanings here folks, everything is front and center, loud and clear.

Sheckler is definitely not finished with the tattoo parlor. Enough words already though. Next up we imagine some elaborate baroque tribal circles on his shoulder and upper arm, hopefully with some orange and blue hues.

Oh and now he’s got a new one – a skateboard! big suprise on the top of his left arm.