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David Beckham – Big Tats with Wings


David Beckham is one of, if not the biggest name in the biggest sport in the world. Playing as a mid-fielder, Beckham has been a star for Manchester Uniter, Real Madrid, The LA Galaxy, and the English National Team, but he’s perhaps almost as famous for his good looks as he is for his skills on the field. In the past, a man with his brand of fair haired good looks would’ve lost popularity when he started getting tattooed, but lucky for Beckham, he lives in a time where tattoos just add to one’s sex appeal. It seems that the more inked he gets, the more women love him; so he just keeps on getting tattoed. What does he have? Glad you asked: he has a big Jesus on his torso (taken from the painting The Man Of Sorrows), a crucifix on the back of his neck, a guardian angel between his shoulder blades (it overlooks the names of his three children; Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz), an angel on his right shoulder (with the text “In the face of adversity”), the Roman numeral VII on his right arm (for the number seven shirt he wore at Manchester United), a pin-up girl on his forearm, the name of his wife Victoria written in Hindi (he thought it would be “tacky” to have it in English) and a Bible verse written in Hebrew, reads אני לדודי ודודי לי הרעה בשושנים ( “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine, that shepherds among the lilies.”); as well as many others with a dominating theme of things with wings. Most of Beckham’s work has been done by Manchester tattooist Louis Malloy.












stomach angel


right arm


Torso Scribbles

Rihanna’s Tattoos – Stars, Skulls and Scripts

Since hitting it big with her debut single “Umbrella”, hip-hop princess Rihanna (born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in 1988) has been all over the world, and apparently has visited a lot of tattoo shops. By her own admission, she likes to hang out in them, and it shows, as she’s accumulated at least fourteen tattoos all over her young self. So far, she has a music note on her ankle, Pisces sign behind her right ear, a Sanskrit prayer going down her hip, a star in her left ear, the word ‘love’ on her left middle finger, ‘Freedom is God’ in Arabic on her ribs, a trail of stars going down her back, a cute skull with a pink hair bow, the phrase ‘shhh…’ on her right index finger, the date ’4.11.1986′ on top of her left shoulder (her best friend and assistant’s birthday), a henna-style dragon claw,a handgun on her ribs (she got it during the midst of all the abuse stories and rumors about her relationship drama with former boyfriend Chris Brown), “Never a failure, always a lesson” motto in mirror writing, and most recently “rebelle fleur” which means “rebellious flower” in french. She has also been known to put on some temporary ink for performances so if you see something new on her you can never be sure if its temp or perm.

Billy Bob Thornton’s Multiple Tattoos

Billy Bob Thornton was actually born William Robert Thornton in Hot Springs, Arkansas August 4, 1955. While not blessed with the standard Hollywood good looks, Billy Bob made his mark playing a mentally challenged man in Sling Blade. He also wrote and directed it. So I’ll say the guy is excellent at playing mentally ill people. But when you think of Billy Bob let’s face it, you think the guy who had Angelina Jolie. Well that disaster didn’t last long and nether have the 5 other times Billy Bob’s been married. He also has a total 5 children. This man has many talents. Billy Bob is also well known for his randomly placed bad tattoos. He has a plethora of tats evenly distributed on all the common open spaces of his arms and legs and anywhere else you have some room to put some ink. He has a combination of some common themes found on the walls of your local tattoo parlor– roses, hearts, crosses, names, a few unique pieces and the Texas flag – “Remember the Alamo”. Also note that almost any tattoo looks better with a black Metallica t-shirt. Rock on Billy.

Billy’s 1st tattoo
A Small heart with an arrow going through it on his forearm. The Banner on the heart has the name BILLY written in it. Like many people Billy just picked anything off the wall for his first piece.

You looking at me?

Rose Tattoo – This is a Cover up job. Billy Bob originally got this tattoo for a girl he met back in 1977. Its rumored Angelina Jolie made Billy Bob cover it up. This beauty is Located on his left arm, at the top of the forearm.

LEO the lion tattoo. Guess what astrological sign Billy Bob is?

Remember the Alamo – I know this sounds exactly like one of those  “You might be a red neck if…” jokes, but Billy Bob really has a remember the Alamo tattoo. If you thought the tattoo is a tribute to the Alamo you are half right. The piece is a reminder of the movie the Alamo Billy Bob stared in, not the actual historical event.

I got your back

Constance – This is Billy Bob’s tribute to Connie, the mother of his daughter Bella. The tattoo is on his spine and is a reference to Connie having his back. What a loon right?

Nothin’ Doin’ – Another heart tattoo. Back a few centuries ago Billy played in a band called Nothin’ Doin’ This tat is on Billy’s left arm. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lotus Flower –  Located on his right arm, upper bicep at the top

The Angie Magic Mushroom  – This winning tattoo is a tribute to both Angelina and Billy Bob’s favorite band the Allman Brothers. It appears all of the members of the Allman Brothers have mushroom tattoos. A concept taken from their Eat a Peach album released in 1972. This winner is on his right calf. Billy Bob got this at the world famous Sunset Tattoo in Hollywood, CA


Soaring Eagle with Family Names – This tattoo has the names of -Willie, Harry, and Maddox– Billy’s sons, and of course Angelina’s name is right there. I wonder if he will Angelina’s name on the tattoo.

You can almost hear the swish of bodily fluids.