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Harry Styles – Boy Band “Star” Gets Inked

Here’s the deal folks; the problem with tattoos becoming more and more accepted in society is that while we’re excited that we’re no longer looked at like scumbag for having ink, everyone and their mother are getting them. This includes all your favorite boy-banders and teen idols like (*pukes a little in mouth*) Justin Bieber and One Direction’s Harry Styles. The only One Direction song we know is “What Makes You Beautiful”, and that’s the most unfortunately awesome song ever, so we’re strangely okay with young Harry getting a tattoo. Actually, he has two…well he’s had two sittings at least. The first time he jumped in the chair he got himself a hollow star on his arm that people think represents spirit, truth, and hope. His next sitting yielded some writing underneath that is aparently the lyrics to a Temper Trap song called “Sweet Disposition”. We actually hope that Harry Styles gets more ink so that we have more of an excuse to like that song, but until then, we will only sing along in shame.

Nichole Richie’s Tattoos

Remember when Nicole Richie was in the tabloids every day? When you couldn’t read her name without reading “drunk”, or “eating disorder” in the same sentence? Well those days are gone folks, now she’s just Lionel Richie’s daughter, and a mother of two; but she still has some ink from her bad girl days. She has a pair of angel wings tattooed on her back (we guess they were ironic?), “Virgin” on her wrist (again, irony…or it’s because she’s a Virgo…or it’s weirdly specific?), a rosary on her ankle and foot, a cross on her lower back, her last name on her neck, a shooting star on her wrist, a tiarra (because she was a princess…get it?) on her thigh, and a pair of ballet slippers on her hip bone (in honor of her father’s song “Ballerina Girl”, which is reportedly about her).

Ryan Roberts – Most Tats in Major Leagues

Ryan Roberts, infielder for the Arizona Diamondback, is the MLB player with the most tattoos. He has lost count of how many he has after 30 something and after they started to blend together in a dense blur on his arms. Coming in second is Josh Hamilton, outfielder of the Texas Rangers, with about 26 tattoos. Roberts’ fans have even given him the nickname “Tatman” and he has played well this year helping the Diamondback reach this playoffs after a poor record last year.

My favorite is the Koi fish on his chest, that one is well done. He also has a star branded on his rib cage.

Dave Navarro – Rocker Tats


As a professional rocker for a long time, Navarro has done what he can to get a good deal of meaningful rocker tats. Starting off with Jane’s Addiction, playing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and with a whole slew of other big name rockers, Navarro is a top-shelf rocker, however, we have to give his tats a “so-so” ranking. Not too bad, he has some decent ones and has everything done with classic dark ink. He has all the standards in various shapes and sizes – a rose, snakes, spades, stars, crosses, skulls, and Mother Mary. Then there’s “Don’t try this at home” on one arm, dolphins, a unicorn, his deceased Mother’s name on his back – Constance, and a few other unique items.











Reese Witherspoon’s New Tattoo Makes Beach Premiere

Academy Award winning actress Reese Witherspoon, star of Walk The Line, Legally Blonde, and This Means War, has really had quite the career. Recently though, she has seen her career hit the typical mid-thirties slow patch. Reese isn’t worried though, and she definitely didn’t do that female mid-life crisis thing that women do where they get a tattoo in a semi unflattering place that used to be more flattering…did she? I guess that’s one of those “in the eye of the beholder” things, so you folks can judge for yourselves what you think about her new stomach tattoo. She recently was on the beach with her new husband, and was flaunting her new ink, which appears to be a star surrounded by two doves. It has a very “picked off the wall of the shop while on spring break” feel to it, but she seems happy, and that’s all that matters. She is also really talented and can buy my house with me in it, so we should trust her judgment.


David Beckham – Big Tats with Wings


David Beckham is one of, if not the biggest name in the biggest sport in the world. Playing as a mid-fielder, Beckham has been a star for Manchester Uniter, Real Madrid, The LA Galaxy, and the English National Team, but he’s perhaps almost as famous for his good looks as he is for his skills on the field. In the past, a man with his brand of fair haired good looks would’ve lost popularity when he started getting tattooed, but lucky for Beckham, he lives in a time where tattoos just add to one’s sex appeal. It seems that the more inked he gets, the more women love him; so he just keeps on getting tattoed. What does he have? Glad you asked: he has a big Jesus on his torso (taken from the painting The Man Of Sorrows), a crucifix on the back of his neck, a guardian angel between his shoulder blades (it overlooks the names of his three children; Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz), an angel on his right shoulder (with the text “In the face of adversity”), the Roman numeral VII on his right arm (for the number seven shirt he wore at Manchester United), a pin-up girl on his forearm, the name of his wife Victoria written in Hindi (he thought it would be “tacky” to have it in English) and a Bible verse written in Hebrew, reads אני לדודי ודודי לי הרעה בשושנים ( “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine, that shepherds among the lilies.”); as well as many others with a dominating theme of things with wings. Most of Beckham’s work has been done by Manchester tattooist Louis Malloy.












stomach angel


right arm


Torso Scribbles

Rihanna’s Tattoos – Stars, Skulls and Scripts

Since hitting it big with her debut single “Umbrella”, hip-hop princess Rihanna (born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in 1988) has been all over the world, and apparently has visited a lot of tattoo shops. By her own admission, she likes to hang out in them, and it shows, as she’s accumulated at least fourteen tattoos all over her young self. So far, she has a music note on her ankle, Pisces sign behind her right ear, a Sanskrit prayer going down her hip, a star in her left ear, the word ‘love’ on her left middle finger, ‘Freedom is God’ in Arabic on her ribs, a trail of stars going down her back, a cute skull with a pink hair bow, the phrase ‘shhh…’ on her right index finger, the date ’4.11.1986′ on top of her left shoulder (her best friend and assistant’s birthday), a henna-style dragon claw,a handgun on her ribs (she got it during the midst of all the abuse stories and rumors about her relationship drama with former boyfriend Chris Brown), “Never a failure, always a lesson” motto in mirror writing, and most recently “rebelle fleur” which means “rebellious flower” in french. She has also been known to put on some temporary ink for performances so if you see something new on her you can never be sure if its temp or perm.

Victoria Beckham’s Tats – Scripture, Stars and Hidden Meanings

Victoria Caroline Beckham was born April 17, 1974. She is a dancer, model, singer, fashion designer, actress and songwriter. The former spice girl has a bunch of tattoos. One of her tattoos is a design with five stars on her lower back.  The stars are a symbolic tribute to her husband and her two sons. Victoria’s tattoo on her back is also a match for the one on her husband’s back. It is a scripture from the book of Solomon 6:3, and 1:3. She has her husband initials DB on her wrist, and the date she and David first become lovers. Her latest tattoo is located on her wrist under the letters DB, it is said to mean “we think”. If she wants to catch up to David she has a little more ink to add, her shoulders maybe would be a good place to start?


back hebrew


Tom Delonge’s Dense Sleeve Tattoo and Other Arm Blank

Tom Delonge has a good idea – one arm with a dense colorful sleeve tattoo and the other arm without any ink whatsoever. It stretches to the back of his neck and in front of the shoulder. Sure, he could have gone with both arms splattered with colored ink but this way, the one sleeve draws more attention. And it looks like he had fun developing the one sleeve, who knows where he’ll go with it next. Lot’s of flesh left over.

The Blink 182 band member has a few tats related to music. He has a punk rocker with a mohawk on his shoulder that he says might be Native American and it says southern California and then punk rock beneath. The UFOs below that are bombing his elbow with hellfire. Then he has some more outer space with pyramids and rocket ships. Then a mummy and a snake? Even in Tom’s opinion the whole construction does make much sense all together, its just a hodge podge mess of items scrapped together. He’s also got his wife’s name – Jennifer, on his neck.









Christian Vieri’s Japanese Character Tattoos

Christian Vieri is an Italian football player. At one time (in 1999 with Lazio) he was the highest played in the world. Even now only a few players have been payed more. He also had a notable career playing with the Italian national team in several World Cup matches and scoring more than a few goals. However, he missed the 2008 World Cup when Italy won the title, he had already retired from the national team.

Christian has some tats spaced out on his arms. Interestingly he says that when he decided to get the Japanese characters (kanji) done he just went in a picked out what he thought looked good and didn’t even ask what they meant. Oh well, he picked some decent ones – thunder, strength, eternity, heart and mind… and we’re not sure what else and if they fit together somehow. And when he later found out what they meant he was pleased. Those are good ones for a football striker especially.

On his right shoulder he has a star design that started out small and then grew to a more elaborate version. Below that is an arrow pointing forward. On his left should he has a red sun that has a jumping dolphin in front of it.