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Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles Believes


Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles believes in something, what that is we don’t know but something probably, maybe Jesus, but in that case why didn’t she write “Jesus” on her wrist. Maybe she believes in herself so that is why she had that written on herself. It’s quite possible that she sings about it in her songs but we haven’t heard all her songs so we are content to guess.

The little flower she has on her hip was her entrance into the tattoo world at the age of 18. Then there is the heart with wings that we thought was fake at first because the colors are unrealish. But it seems to stay there unlike some other fake tattoos she has appeared with (see bottom pic, a joke Ronnie Dunn portrait).




Chris “Birdman” Andersen Is Covered In Ink

Chris “Birdman” Anderson of the National BasketBall Association’s (NBA) Denver Nuggets is easily one of our favorite players, for many reasons. There’s his hard-nosed style of play, his “good but not great, and therefore attainable” level of skill, his crazy on the court antics, and most of, there’s the fact that he’s covered in tattoos. His newest, and most blatant, piece of ink is the “Free Bird” piece that wraps around his neck; it’s both well done, and painful, which makes it a ‘win’ in our book. He also has his bird wings, one on each bicep; a zombie version of himself, on his arm; a skull wearing a crown on his arm; two large Chinese characters, one on each forearm; a pit bull on his chest; “Honky Tonk” on his stomach; and a guy dunking a ball on his right arm. Birdman is definitely on the NBA’s “most tattooed” list, and considering how many guys in the league have ink, that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Axl Rose’s 80s Tats are Colorful and Sharp

You know the front man for Guns N’ Roses has to have some tattoos. You might expect to see some guns or some roses or both. And yes! he has a big blue rose on one shoulder. Sorry no luck on the guns but what he does have is the Appetite for Destruction logo on his forearm although it has gotten a little faded and blurry and looks like a green blob. We’re glad he chose to get the logo for that album and not the one for The Spaghetti Incident. Also, there is a cool 1980s-looking, big-hair woman on his arm. His tats are sharply done and have some bright red, blue, green and yellow coloring. They mark Axl in his place in time as an 80s rocker and we like it.

axl tattoo

James Hetfield Still Adding Ink Art


Although James Hatfield is now 48 years old and has been a rocker for more than 30 years with the heavy metal rock band Metallica he is still adding on new tattoos. Over the years of his arms have been slowly but surely filling in with new ink designs with a lot of them coming more recently, for example, about two years ago he had a new skull done on his neck.

Some highlights are “Carpe Diem”, Jesus, crosses, “faith” on the inside of his arm, playing cards on one shoulder and lots of flames and spider webs.

metallica hetfield

metallica james hetfield

Andrei Kirilenko’s New Huge Monster Tattoo

Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz has an enormous scary tattoo on his back. At first I couldn’t quite make out where the head is on that beast. It’s to the right of center folding over his shoulder slightly. In the close-up you can see there is a knight riding the winged creature. That is some monstrosity we haven’t been able to figure out the source of but he says his kids like it, so that’s good but it probably gave them nightmares for a few days!

Wayne Rooney’s “Stupid” Tattoos

There’s nothing like a tattoo that flaunts one’s flaws, and apparently Wayne Rooney understands that. The Manchester United and England National Team superstar has “Just Enough Education To Perform” inked on his forearm, and we think that the piece has just enough sarcasm to be awesome. He also has “English and Proud” on his shoulder, and some praying hands on his back, but while we respect the man’s faith, and kind of respect his national pride (These colors don’t run! Just kidding England, you’re the only friend we got)  they’re both  pretty generic; now when a man tattoos himself with a tag that basically calls hims stupid, that’s something we can really get behind. Man, between that tattoo, and his new hair plugs, we’re starting to think that Wayne really doesn’t care what anybody thinks about him…and we dig it.

Chris Brown Steadily Adding Tattoos

Christopher Maurice Brown was born May 5, 1989. The actor, dancer, singer and songwriter made his debut at the age of 16. He recorded songs titled, “Kiss Kiss” “Forever” and “I Can Transform Ya”. His hit single “Run it” sold over 2 million copies. But then he may be more well-known for mistreating his girlfriend Rihanna.

His first tattoo was one of Christ with musical notes acknowledging him for the gift to sing. The second one Chris got when he was 14 it was the letter “C” and next the letter “B”. The latest tattoo Chris Brown got was a skull with an halo. The most profound tattoo is the ninjas and darkness. Chris says it represents his past and the struggles he had to conquer within himself. He has been getting a lot of tattoo work recently. You can see the progression in the pics, some before, some more recent. His entire upper chest and neck is now inked. He has a heart (with a knife through it no less), some wings and some flowers too. The arms are a little too densely inked to make out what he’s got there.



Kobe Bryant’s Crown and Wings Tattoos

Apparently Kobe’s crown tattoo on his upper arm doesn’t have anything to do with him being the king of basketball. That’s good because he’s not the king of the NBA anymore even if he was at one time. He was definitely crowned champion 5 times but you can’t give him all the credit for that because LA has had some great teams. Some credit is due however and we’ll leave it to him to show us what he can come up with in his remaining years. Next on his arm appears the name of his wife Vanessa. This appeared sometime after he had some trouble with extramarital relations and the police in Colorado. He probably wanted to re-affirm his commitment to his wife with that one. Then, he has a pair of angel wings and “Psalm XVII” beneath that. Psalm 17 talks about faith in the Lord his strength. Above his wrist he has the name of his daughter written.

Brandon Boyd – Mandala, Om, Flying Things and a Peacock

things with wings

California native Brandon Boyd is a musician and visual artist (mostly a painter). He is best known of course as the singer for the band Incubus. As an artist we expect some decent tattoos from him and truth be told he has designed some decent ones. In red, in ancient Buddhist script, he has written the sacred chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” that is translated in various ways. The choice of red here works well in contrast with the rest of the tats on the same arm and in contrast with his other arm. Continuing with the Indian theme, he has a flowery mandala on the other side of the Om, with some more script characters inside the flower petals. Towards his wrist, he has some thick circles-within-circles design. And there is another one of a stylized fish in a circle.

On the other arm is an elaborate peacock and a portrait of what looks like a monk contemplating something. On his back he has a big flying pyramid with the “all seeing eye” in it, kind of like the dollar bill except this one has big wings. We leave it for you to speculate about what this symbolizes. Below that is another winged, flying creature. The question we have is why is the flying creature so close to the flying pyramid, smashed up right under the wings of the pyramid? There seems to be more space available. One possibility is that he plans to put more tattoos below and to the right of the pyramid making a rounded symmetrical shape out of the 3-4 tattoos. That might work.

winged pyramid


boyd red forearm


om padme


in the tattoo parlor getting inked


vim carlo








hands behind back


hands up