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50 Cent Reveals His New Inkless Look

Last year Rapper 50 Cent started undergoing laser treatments to remove his tattoos. In interviews 50 has said he felt he had out grown the look of being covered in tattoos and he wanted to have them removed. He also said he wanted to expand his acting career and that having a lot of tattoos was something hindering him from pursuing roles.

The process of removing tattoos is extremely painful and often occurs over many sessions for completion. The laser penetrates the layer of skin where the ink sits. After several treatments the ink starts to slowly break down and get absorbed by the body. Sessions can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes. 

Recently 50 was featured in some new ad campaigns with his now inkless skin. The results are pretty dramatic. While you can faintly make out some of the lines, his tattoos are virtually gone. 50 says he still has a ways to go but he has been happy with the results. Take a look at the before and after pictures of 50 Cent tattoos removed.

Too Young To Fall in Love: Nikki Sixx proposes to 27 Year Old Girlfriend.

Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe fame will be walking down the aisle for the third time. The 53 year old tattooed rocker slapped a 6 carat engagement ring on his 27 year old girlfriend Courtney Bingham. Nikki was previously married to Playboy playmate Brandi Brandt and has 3 children with her. He then married Bay Watch beauty Donna D’Errico which he has a daughter with. We wish Nikki and his new fiancée all the best. They say the 3rd time’s a charm.

You can see pictures of Nikki Sixx tattoos here

Travis Barker Inks His Dome

Who needs hair when you can use that valuable real-estate for some more ink? That’s what Travis Barker of Blink-182 must have thought. Travis is so heavily tattooed he ran out of room for some new ones. At least that’s what he thought at first. Then it dawned on him that he could tattoo his head. Barker’s been collecting some new ink from several talented artists to create a collection of tattoos far cooler than any hair-do could be.


Chris and Rihanna Go Another Round… Of Ink

Well folks, the simple truth about our business is that some days there’s just nothing to write about, and others…well other days the world of celebrity gives you a shiny nugget of amazing to write about. Today is one such day, as both Rihanna and Chris Brown have gotten new tattoos within days of each other, and they’re so amazing that we almost didn’t believe that they were real. No, not “amazingly cool” or “amazingly well done”, there’s no fun in that; nope, they’re amazingly bad! The best kind of amazing! These two both already have their fair share of ink, especially Brown, but these new tats take the cake.

First up, we have Rihanna’s tattoo, which is supposedly a tribute to her grandmother. What’s the best way to pay homage to your momma’s momma? By getting the area directly under your boobs tattooed! Duh! She got some sort of Nubian or Egyptian goddess right smack dab on her breast bone. The wings spread under her breasts, which kind of makes it look like her boobs are going to fly away at any given moment, and the goddess’ head-dress extends up into her cleavage area which should lead to some weird looking cleavage. Now this isn’t a bad tattoo in the poorly done sense, it’s actually pretty nicely, albeit simplistically, designed; it even has a similar quality to the hawk that she recently got on on her foot. However, it’s a bad tattoo in the way of “why would someone who isn’t out of space everywhere else tattoo the area directly under her breasts!?”. We hate to be the ones to drop the old “How’s that going to look when you’re older?” on someone (especially considering how bad some of our ink is), but the moment she get’s pregnant or starts losing the age-old battle with gravity, that tattoo is going to look horrible. However poorly thought out Rihanna’s new ink may be, at least it’s not horrendously offensive and terrible…Chris Brown has that angle covered for the both of them.

Before we go any further, let’s just put this out there: Chris Brown is the worst. He’s a walking, talking everthing-that’s-wrong-with-music; he’s over produced, over praised, over confident, over forgiven, and we’re over him. So with that said; let’s all guess what the worst possible tattoo a guy who once beat his girlfriend (Rihanna, for those of you who take residence under the proverbial rock) to a pulp could get. Seriously, guess; pretend you didn’t look at the header picture and guess what the worst tattoo Chris Brown could ever get is. Yes folks, that’s not Photoshop, that’s a tattoo of a beaten woman on the neck of a guy who beats women. Furthermore, your eyes aren’t decieving you, the woman in the tattoo looks an awful lot like Rihanna…like a lot like Rihanna…as in “That’s clearly a tattoo of a beaten Rihanna on Chris Brown’s neck!” like Rihanna. Brown has of course denied that the tattoo is of Rihanna, instead calling it a coincidence and saying that it’s art but not a portrait. Does he really think that we’re all that stupid? More importantly, how many people actually are that stupid? If his album and concert ticket sales are any indication, a lot of people are that stupid. This new tattoo is just another reminder that Chris Brown doesn’t respect anyone or anything, and that he has horrible taste in ink. Furthermore, whoever did this piece should hang their head. Giving him this tattoo is no different than being the guy who inks hate symbols on Neo-Nazis; seriously dude, it’s not worth the money or the publicity it brings your shop.

So there you have it folks, Chris Brown and Rihanna both got new tattoos, and they really sum up the entire situation between the two of them. Rihanna got something that was well intentioned but ultimately a bad idea, and Chris Brown got a tattoo that shows his complete lack of respect for the female species and for people as a whole…and they both look pretty dumb in the end.


Ke$ha’s New Tat – Guess Where?

No folks, she didn’t do that one herself…well we don’t think she did…okay, if she did we’re really impressed with her mirror skills. Known for always having a tattoo gun at her side so that she can permanently scare any sap that gets close enough and/or drunk around her, Ke$ha added some new ink to her body recently, and we’ll be the ones to say it: it’s dumb. The “We R Who We R” and “Tik Tok” singer got “Suck It” tattooed on the inside of her lip, and while we have no problem with people getting ink inside their mouths, we do have a problem with women co-opting that phrase from the male gender…we’re lying, we have a problem witth unfunny women co-opting that statement. Basically, if Kaitlin Olsen or Amy Poehler got the same tattoo, we’d think it was hilarious, but we’re not really sure that Kesha even gets why that would be funny, she’s just doing it for shock value, and that dumb and annoying. So with that said, we boo you Ke$ha; boo.

Harry Styles – Boy Band “Star” Gets Inked

Here’s the deal folks; the problem with tattoos becoming more and more accepted in society is that while we’re excited that we’re no longer looked at like scumbag for having ink, everyone and their mother are getting them. This includes all your favorite boy-banders and teen idols like (*pukes a little in mouth*) Justin Bieber and One Direction’s Harry Styles. The only One Direction song we know is “What Makes You Beautiful”, and that’s the most unfortunately awesome song ever, so we’re strangely okay with young Harry getting a tattoo. Actually, he has two…well he’s had two sittings at least. The first time he jumped in the chair he got himself a hollow star on his arm that people think represents spirit, truth, and hope. His next sitting yielded some writing underneath that is aparently the lyrics to a Temper Trap song called “Sweet Disposition”. We actually hope that Harry Styles gets more ink so that we have more of an excuse to like that song, but until then, we will only sing along in shame.

Singer Kym Marsh’s Tattoos


Kym Marsh, known to British television audiences as Michelle Conner of Coronation Street and to American audiences as…a British person, has a couple of well placed tattoos. The actress and singer has Japanese Kanji symbols of unknown meaning running down her spine on her lower back. The star who sang Cry also has the name of her husband in Japanese and the name of her kids in Arabic tattooed on her left shoulder. They’re very subtle pieces, and despite they’re prime placement, they don’t draw too much attention away from her stunning good looks. She manages the rare feat of having highly visible tattoos, while still looking very classically beautiful; you know, like Bon Jovi…what? He’s a lovely man.

wedding marsh shoulder



Rick Ross’ New Face Tat

Rick Ross’ career as a hip-hop artist let’s him get away with some things that the rest of us can’t. He can get arrested, and it’s just more street cred. He can do drugs, and it just makes him seem more “hood”. He could probably slap a nun and people would just assume it was something involving “tricks” and “skee-bops” (I think I made that second one up). He can also get a ridiculous tattoo of the symbol for popular 80s sunglass designer “Cazal”on his face and people just think it’s cool. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I mean, who doesn’t like Rick Ross? The guy is super talented. However, I can’t rationalize getting a brand logo permanently placed on any part of my body, but I have some pretty stupid tattoos myself, so I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder or something like that. So I guess guys like Rick Ross will have face tattoos, and guys like me won’t. Something else guys like Ross have that I don’t: MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Running out of space on the torso

Tim Armstrong – Punk Rocker with Skull and Spider Web Tattoos No Less

neck and arms

Tim Armstrong is a punk music legend. Born in Berkely, California in 1965, he’s been part of such acts as Operation Ivy, The Transplants, and Downfall, but he’s most famous as the lead singer and founder of Rancid, which you may remember from the early 90s when they became somewhat well-known (that’s big time for a punk band). He also founded and co-owns Hellcat Records. It should be no surprise that this rocker is covered in tattoos. His biggest and most famous piece is the spider web on top of his head, which he’s had things added to over the years, making it a constant work in progress. He also has extensive work on both arms. The tattoos on his left arm include, a bracelet of skulls on his wrist, the “Hellcat Records” logo on his forearm, a large skull, and a spider web on his elbow; while the tattoos on his right arm include, a big skull on his bicep (which was done to cover his ex wife’s name “Brody”) and large rose on the inside of his forearm. He also has a spider on the left side of his neck, the letters “PUNX” on the knuckles of his left hand, and “U.S. Thugs” on his stomach. He still tours with his various bands and is a fixture in the punk community, so he will probably never stop getting ink, so keep an eye on the ever changing canvas that is Tim Armstrong.

full arm view

spider web

green day billy joe


50 Cent – Laser Treatments to Remove His Tattoos


50 Cent real name Curtis James Jackson III, was born July 6, 1975 in South Jamaica, Queens NY.  He is best known as a rapper but has been moving more and more into films recently. He first appeared on the scene in 2003 with the release of ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which has gone on to sell a total of 15 million copies worldwide. That smash was soon followed by ‘The Massacre’ in 2005 which went on the sell an impressive 11 million copies. 50 Cent is one of the rare artists who have made it from the streets to the highest successes of fame. He started out as a drug dealer when he was just 12 years old. He had a passion for rapping and decided to pursue the music business. In 2000 50 was shot nine times. After surviving that incident he went on to record an album titled  ‘Guess Who’s Back?’ in 2002. The record caught the attention of Eminem who signed him to Interscope Records.

Recently 50 Cent was having his tattoos removed with laser treatments. 50 said he underwent the painful laser treatments to remove most of his tattoos because he was tired of the hours he spent in the makeup chair covering them up for his movie roles.


This large back piece was done by the tattoo artist Cartoon and says South Side. That’s one big 50, with another 50 on his arm just in case you missed the big one and forgot who this was. He’s got some angels and demons too.



chest front