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50 Cent Reveals His New Inkless Look

Last year Rapper 50 Cent started undergoing laser treatments to remove his tattoos. In interviews 50 has said he felt he had out grown the look of being covered in tattoos and he wanted to have them removed. He also said he wanted to expand his acting career and that having a lot of tattoos was something hindering him from pursuing roles.

The process of removing tattoos is extremely painful and often occurs over many sessions for completion. The laser penetrates the layer of skin where the ink sits. After several treatments the ink starts to slowly break down and get absorbed by the body. Sessions can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes. 

Recently 50 was featured in some new ad campaigns with his now inkless skin. The results are pretty dramatic. While you can faintly make out some of the lines, his tattoos are virtually gone. 50 says he still has a ways to go but he has been happy with the results. Take a look at the before and after pictures of 50 Cent tattoos removed.

Mark Wahlberg’s Old Tattoos

The funny thing about tattoos is that no matter how famous you get, no matter how much respect as a legitimate actor you get, the ink you got when you were a ridiculously bad rapper is always going to be there…until you fork over the cash and sit through all the painful removal sessions. Mark Wahlberg; star of The Fighter, Contraband, and Ted; recently went under the laser to remove the last remnants of his wild youth, sitting through over 20 sessions to get all of his tattoos removed. Before the decision to get them all removed, Wahlberg had Sylvester The Cat eating Tweety Bird on his ankle, Bob Marley on his left shoulder (wow), his intitials on his right shoulder, and a large rosary piece around his neck and on his chest. We’re not always big supporters of having your ink removed, but we’re glad some of those are gone (really? Bob Marley? You’re a middle-class white dude from Boston).