Charlie Sheen’s Eclectic Collection of Tattoos

charlie sheen smoking

Wild man Charlie Sheen was born on September 3, 1965, and has been gracing the world with his presence in acting, songwriting, screenwriting, film production, and lately a career in standup comedy.  He has an estimated 13 plus tattoos plastered over his body. His latest tattoo can be found on his left wrist. The other new one is located on his chest, with the words “Death from above” attached, and with an apple or a cherry dripping with blood. It’s pretty bad random work. He also has other tattoos with significant meanings such as; the burning Marlboro cigarette, a fire breathing eye glass wearing dragon, a Japanese God, a note that says, “I will be back in 15 minutes”, a zipper with an eye peeking through, the initials CM-EMA, and the word “MOM” inside a bubble with Charlie Brown close by. And don’t forget “Winning”, its all about winning.

charlie sheen tattoos

charlie sheen chest tattoos

charlie sheen chinese tattoos

charlie sheen shirt

charlie sheen winning tattoo

sheen tattoos

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