Charlize Theron’s Tiny Tattoos

Charlize Therons Small Tattoo

Who is Charlize Theron? She’s the Academy Award winning star of Monster, Young Adult, Snow White & the Huntsman, and Prometheus. Who isn’t Charlize Theron? Someone with a lot of tattoos. In fact, the two tattoos she has are barely even there at all, they’re two tiny flowers on spots on her ankle/foot, and you probably wouldn’t even notice them if we didn’t tell you about them. Judging by how blurred and tiny they are, we’re going to guess that they were done when she was much younger, perhaps as some sort of teenage rebellion phase. We don’t see her getting any more ink done because she hasn’t done it yet, and she’s been at the “I can do whatever I want” phase of her career for years already. Besides, we can’t really see new tattoos looking good on her, they would break the classic-beauty look that she’s cultivated over the years.

Charlize Theron Foot Tattoo

Charlize Teron Ankle Tattoo

Charlize Theron Back Foot Tattoo

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