Chicago Bears Fan Tattoos Himself To Show Love

chicago bears tattoo

Let’s be honest folks, there’s nothing that’s not creepy about this guy. Everyone say “Hi!” to diehard Chicago Bears fan Glenn Timmerman, the man who has way too many tattoos of his favorite team. Amongst Glenn’s Bear-loving ink is the logo on the back of his head, the giant grizzly bear on his shoulder, a Super Bowl Twenty logo on his neck, another grizzly on his opposite shoulder, various art-pieces of Soldier Field, various player-picture pieces and a bunch of player autographs. By our current definition, “a bunch” stands for 126 different autographs that began with Otis Wilson and hopefully  end someday with Jim McMahon, Gale Sayers, and Jay Cutler. Mind you, he doesn’t just go find the autograph at a convention, or buy it online; he goes and has the player sign his body and then he goes directly to the tattoo shop and has it made permanent. Wow, that’s dedication…weird dedication that would make us concerned for him if we knew him, but dedication either way.


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