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Chris Evans Chinese Tattoo

It should come as no surprise that Chris Evans has some tattoos; after all, the star of Captain America:The First Avenger, Puncture and What’s Your Number? is young and in shape. It’s also not too surprising that he has some very cliched tattoos, with the notable exception being the tribute to his best friend (who unfortunately passed away in an accident) that he has inked on his ribcage. The tribute says “In Loving Memory of Bardsley With Me Always”, and is a nice bit of sentiment; other than that though, he has the standard Japanese Kanji symbol on his arm, some sentence in Kanji on the same arm, and a ‘Taurus’ symbol on his shoulder. We can’t hate on him for having standard ink though, we all have it, and none of us are Captain Friggin’ America, so Evans is cool in our book.

chris evans arm tattoo

chris evans stomach tattoo

chris evans bull tattoo

chris evans shirtless

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