Chris Farley’s Fans Pay A Tattoo Tribute

Chris Farley Ink

Chris Farley is a legend, and like most legends, we figured he’d have some fans that would be willing to ink his likeness on their bodies…we just didn’t think that there’d be this many. The star of classics like Tommy Boy, Beverly Hills Ninja, and Black Sheep (those are all classics, if you disagree, we will punch you square in the chest), and the creator of characters like Matt Foley (the “Van down by the river!” guy) during his legendary stint on Saturday Night Live, Farley lost his battle with drug addiction back in 1997, but left us with a lasting bruise on our funny bones (it’s ok to make a joke that cheesy when it’s in memorial); so we’re proud to show you how some of his fans have paid tribute.

chris farley fan tattoo

chris farley fan tattoo tribute

chris farley face tattoo

chris farleys tribute piece

chris farley zombie tribute

Chris farley fan leg tattoo

chris farley memorial tattoo

chris farley fan tatoo piece





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