Christian Vieri’s Japanese Character Tattoos

Christian Vieri's Tattoos

Christian Vieri is an Italian football player. At one time (in 1999 with Lazio) he was the highest played in the world. Even now only a few players have been payed more. He also had a notable career playing with the Italian national team in several World Cup matches and scoring more than a few goals. However, he missed the 2008 World Cup when Italy won the title, he had already retired from the national team.

Christian has some tats spaced out on his arms. Interestingly he says that when he decided to get the Japanese characters (kanji) done he just went in a picked out what he thought looked good and didn’t even ask what they meant. Oh well, he picked some decent ones – thunder, strength, eternity, heart and mind… and we’re not sure what else and if they fit together somehow. And when he later found out what they meant he was pleased. Those are good ones for a football striker especially.

On his right shoulder he has a star design that started out small and then grew to a more elaborate version. Below that is an arrow pointing forward. On his left should he has a red sun that has a jumping dolphin in front of it.

Christian Vieri Arm TattooChristian Vier's Arm Tattoo

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vieri shirtless tattoos

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