Christopher Meloni’s Tattoos

Christopher Meloni Arm Tattoo

Christopher Meloni is on True Blood now; some of you just cheered and some of you just shuddered, but all of you at least smiled at the Christopher Meloni part. Everybody likes Christopher Meloni, whether they’ve seen him on Oz or Law &Order: SVU; he just seems like a guy you’d know from the local bar. He’s a family man, but looks like he’s hit you with a pool cue if the situation called for it. His tattoos match that image perfectly; he’s got a cubist rendition of Jesus on his left shoulder, a butterfly on his thigh, and his family’s astrological chart of his lower left leg. Again, tattoos that you wouldn’t be surprised to find on “Chris from down the street”, the guy that everybody like, but no one messes with. Hopefully, now that he’s a vampire, he’ll still retain that street cred.

Christopher Meloni Sholder Tat

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