CM Punk’s Many Tattoos

CM Punk Tattoo Chest

CM Punk is one of the most famous and highly touted professional wrestlers in the entire World Wrestling Entertainment Universe; he’s also one the most tattooed. His extensive ink includes: the Cobra logo on his right shoulder (from G.I. Joe), the markings of the Arashikage ninja clan on his right forearm (also from G.I. Joe), the Pepsi logo on his left shoulder, four ace cards (part of a piece he calls “Luck is for Losers”, and a tribute to his trainer Ace Steel), a three-eyed Koi Fish, a spider web with the number 13 in the middle (he says 13 is his lucky number), a Bouncing Souls (the band) logo consisting of a broken heart and skyscrapers, “DRUG FREE” across his knuckles, a Rocket From The Crypt (band) logo, “Straight Edge” on his stomach, a pez dispenser, Operation Ivy’s “Dancing Ska Man” on his leg, Rosie the Riveter with the words “There is a war” below her, “No Gimmick Needed” on his hand, a skull and dragon piece on his chest, a dead fish on his back, and some other random tattoos that represent his straight edge/ punk rock lifestyle.

cm punk arm tattoos

CM Punk finger tattoos

cm punk pepsi tattoo

cm punk fish tattoo

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