Colin Farrell’s Celtic Cross and Tahitian Design

Colin Farrell has made a name for himself in Hollywood for two reason: He’s immensly talented, and he seems to just not give a hoot what people think about him. Part of his not-caring is his getting a bunch of visible tattoos which he almost always ends up having to have covered for roles in movies like In Bruges, Horrible Bosses, Total Recall and Fright Night. Amongst these tattoos are a tribal design from Tahiti on his right arm; the words, “Carpe Diem” and a cross on his left forearm (it used to say ” Carpe Diem…and My Girl”, but he had the second part covered when said girl was no longer in his life); the name “Milli” on his left ring finger (for his first wife, Amelia Warner); and the words, “I Love no matter” on his chest. For a guy who seems to date a lot of women, he sure doesn’t have any commitment problems when it comes to permanently placing a reminder of a girl on his body via ink and needle.





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