Daniel Radcliffe Can’t Get Any Ink

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Most people grow up assuming that the day they turn eighteen they’re on their own. Not financially of course, because people are friggin’ moochers and tend to try and milk their parents for every cent they can get, but eighteen is when most kids decide that they can make their own decision and feel that “No one can tell me what to do! I’m an adult!”. Well here’s the harsh truth fair readers: when you turn eighteen, you still can’t make most of your own decisions because you’re an idiot who can’t support him/herself, so your parents usually get a say in your life under the “He who writes the checks, makes the decisions.” rule. Here’s the harsher truth: even when you’re in your twenties and even if you’re a multimillionaire, you can’t make some of your own decisions because you just care too damn much what your parents think of you. Such is the case with “Harry Potter” (Insert whichever of the titles you’d like) star Daniel Radcliffe, a man who has expanded his career from playing little kid wizards to starring in huge stage productions where he shows his bing-bong…but still won’t get a tattoo for fear of what his parents think. He admitted in an interview that he wanted to get a quote from “Waitiing for Gadot” author Samuel Beckett, “Try, fail, try again and fail better”, but he was immediately worried that his mom and dad would hear about it, because in the same interview he mentioned that he ”shouldn’t really talk about tattoos in case my mom and dad hear about it.”. So basically, a man who is willing to take out his crotch parts for a stage role in the name of art, isn’t willing to get body art out of fear of his parents getting upset with him. That;s weird and awesome all at the same time folks. So Harry Potter will keep outgrowing being a wizard, but he’s never going to outgrow respecting his parents.

Daniel radcliffe tattoo ban

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