David Arquette’s New Wonder Woman Tattoo

That is one big rib tattoo! Good job David Arquette; way to go all-in on that bad boy! The Scream 4 star recently made an appearance on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show and showed off his newest and largest piece of ink. The self-proclaimed ‘big kid’ readily revealed his big Wonder Woman comic book panel, which features the female super-heroin making a declaration that says, ”It takes real character to admit one’s failures – and not a little wisdom to take your profits from defeat, but remember, this man’s world of yours will never be without pain and suffering until it learns love, and respect for human rights. Keep your hands extended to all in friendliness but never holding the gun of persecution and intolerance!”. It’s a really nicely done piece, and the inspirational message in it, while a bit heavy-handed, is really nice too. We’re pretty impressed with this ink overall, although we’re thinking that if he went for such a big comic-related piece, he maybe should’ve gotten some color.