DeShawn Stevenson: Gets And Gives Tattoos

Deshawn Stevenson Neck Tattoo Lincoln

DeShawn Stevenson has had a fairly uneventful career in the National Basketball Association (NBA), but the Dallas Mavericks’ guard/forward has a few things going for him; his tenacity, an NBA Championship ring, one of the best tattoos in the league, and a new fall back career as a tattoo artist. Stevenson is covered in ink, but his most prominent piece is the Abraham Lincoln surrounded by “5”s that he has in the front of his neck (the jugular/ Adam’s apple area); he got it for the obvious reason of Lincoln being a great man who freed the slaves. In addition to his awesome neck-ink, DeShawn has also turned his love of tattoos into a new hobby/possibly career, as he recently started to do a little work of his own as a tattoo artist. He did the small piece on his favorite tattoo artist at Fallen Sparrow Tattoo Co. ; we’re not sure if he really sees a future in this, but the tattoo (“92”, his jersey number) came out pretty nice for a first effort.

Deshawn stevenson back tattoo

deshawn stevenson tattoo artist picture

deshawn stevenson tattoo artist

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