Dianna Agron’s Little Lamb Tattoo

dianna agron rib tattoo

Dianna Agron, one of the stars of the ultra-popular and equally ultra-annoying Glee, recently opened up about the meaning of all her ink. By “all her ink”, we of course mean “her one, really small tattoo that’s only five words”. However, what she lacks in quantity; actually, what she also lacks in quality (it’s not exactly “artwork”); she makes up for in meaning. Her tattoo, which is on the left side of her ribcage, says “Mary had a little lamb”; and is in honor of her mother, whose name is Mary. Get it yet? Dianna is the little lamb…duh. It’s a very nice sentiment, and a well thought out little play on words. So while we can barely even refer to it as a tattoo (it’s also in a very basic font, so the letters aren’t even artistically done, a tattoo robot could have done it…if there were tattoo robots…and they hadn’t taken over the world yet), we definitely give her points for having a cool little piece of expression on her body.

dianna agro side tattoo

dianna agron little lamb tattoo

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