Did Jessica Alba Get A New Tattoo?

Jessica Alba Arm Tattoo

No way, we’re not buying it. There is not way that Jessica Alba, after years of putting forth a squeaky-clean image, after having kids, would go out and get a huge arm tattoo. Rumors have been swirling that the Spy Kids 4 and Escape From Planet Earth star went out and got herself a huge rose tattoo on her left arm, but we’re going to go ahead and disagree…wait, breaking news…her representatives have come forward and said that the ink is in fact fake. The tattoo is actually part of her costume for her character in the upcoming A.C.O.D. In real life, Alba has a tiny bit of ink, but not enough to make her look like a “bad girl” per-say (Refuse to spell check that phrase? Don’t mind if we do). The Into The Blue star has a breast cancer awareness bow on her lower back, a lady bug and daisy combo on the back of her neck, and the Sanskrit word “Padma” on her wrist(it translates to “lotus flower”).

Jessica Alba Wrist Tattoo

Jessica Alba Back Tattoo

Jessica Alba Neck Tattoo


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