Dina Manzo Gets Tattoo…No One Is Impressed

Dina Manzo Tattoo Pictures

Despite no longer being a cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina Manzo, sister of current Real Housewive of New Jersey cast member Caroline Manzo, is still finding ways to make it into the gossip pages. She recently made a littel news when she got her first tattoo, and what a tattoo it was! Did the sarcasm come across properly? No? Well re-read that sentence in a sarcastic voice before you continue…okay, she got a “Yin-Yang Lady Bug” tattooed on her foot. The ink is about the size of a quarter, so it’s one of those “I just want to say I have a tattoo” tattoos. We’re not exactly fans of that kind of ink; getting a random tattoo for literally no reason doesn’t make you a tattoo person, and doesn’t prove anything about pain tolerance, it just makes you look like you really need attention. We don’t approve Dina.

Dina Manzo Ladybird Tattoo

Dina Mazno Getting Tattooed

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