DJ Pauly D’s Tattoos

DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame is known mostly for his ridiculously over-done hair and “skills on the turn-tables” (ie, his ability to turn his laptop on and press play). However, he is also heavily tattooed…in the most stereotypically Jersey Shore way possible. Not only does he have a tribal dragon and tribal designs; he also has his name in script inked on his back. Yes folks, he also has the always ridiculous “Italian flag ripping through his skin” on his back, because you know, he’s so Italian that if you cut him open you would just see more Italian…ugh. He also has what appears to be the word “Caddilac” running down his side, a star on his elbow, and a very nicely done memorial cross on his shoulder. DJ Pauly D: ridiculous tattoos…and we’re not suprised.