Dolly Parton Gets A Tattoo…We Think

Dolly Parton Clevage

We’re not sure when country legend Dolly Parton got her “tattoo”, hell, we’re not even sure if that’s a tattoo, because it could just as well have been a ketchup stain judging by its size. Regardless, people that got a closer look at the Joyful Noise star claim that she has a small tattoo of a rose between her breasts. We guess we can see it, and it makes sense that she’d be okay drawing more attention to her chest, seeing as how a large part of her image has been that large part of her build. Really folks, when it comes down to it, who cares? She’s Dolly Parton, she’s a National Treasure; she’s got her own theme park (DollyWood), countless awards, millions of records sold, does a ton of charity work, and has been married to the same guy for over 45 years! She could get “Celebrity Tattoo Design sucks” tattooed on her face and we’djust be happy she thought of us.

Does Dolly Parton have a tattoo?

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