Ed Westwick’s Ink

Best known for his work on the hit series Gossip Girl, and for having the the strangest, most Batman-esque American accent that an Englishman has ever commited to film, Ed Westwick has a surprising amount of ink on his body. The J Edgar star has “Heartbreak Hotel” on his chest, “21 Grams” on his shoulder, “Love Me Two Times” (a song by The Doors), “I heart romance” on his forearm, “You make me feel like the one” across his shoulder, a giant feather on the back of his left arm, and a naked lady (check out our awesome censoring technique) on his right arm. Having this many unconventional tattoos doesn’t make sense for the CW star, until you remember that he’s also the lead singer for indy rock band The Filthy Youth…then it comes together a little better. Westwick has publically stated that he wants to keep getting inked, so stay tuned for updates here at Celebrity Tattoo Design.