Edward Norton’s Movie Tattoos Tell You What Not to Do

edward-norton tux awards

Ed Norton doesn’t have any tattoos or does he? Well, in the movies at least he knows how to act like he does. But wait, we do believe (from the rumors) that he does have one confirmed tat – The band logo of Black Flag, the 70s-80s punk rock band. This is on his upper back, left side.

edward-norton black flag shoulder

Now, about his movie ink. These are not the kind of crude prison tats you get in prison but are the kind that show that you are likely to end up in prison.

First off – American X. If there is anything a swastika tattoo tells us about a person, it is that they are headed for a hate-filled downward spiral towards an empty life. And that is what that movie was about, so that was a good choice for the character. Then, he has a German empire eagle, barbed wire and some other bad ideas appropriate for the film character.





Next, you have Norton back in prison again with the 2010 movie Stone. In this one, he plays a another psycho (with cornrows) but we don’t see anything particularly wrong with his ink – a big rose, a dragon, and a few others (forearm, back). Here, I guess the message is simply that prison psychos are likely to have tough looking tattoos.









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