Fan Tattoo Of The Year: The Tebow-Taur

tim tebow centaur tattoo

Folks, we have winner! In what can only be described as a last second miracle, some poor sap, mostly likely from Colorado, has won Celebrity Tattoo Design’s first annual “Most Ridiculous Fan Tattoo” award that doesn’t really exist. The winning tattoo is of Denver Bronco’s star quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. Oh yeah, he’s a centaur…Tebow, not the guy who got the tattoo…Tebow is a centaur in the tattoo, not in real life. So yeah, somebody thought it was a good idea that since Tim Tebow plays for the Broncos, and broncos are horses, that they would get a half Tebow/half horse inked on their body; they also thought it would be a good idea to not put any effort into finding a good tattoo artist; and they thought they should caption the “art” with “Tebow Time”. The Tebow-taur is the perfect bad tattoo; it’s equal parts bad idea and poor execution…it’s almost beautiful.

Tim Tebow Fan Tattoo

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