Flea’s Tattoos

flea arm tattoo

Considered by many to be the greatest base-player in the history of hard-rock music, Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers is also a heavily tattooed dude. The rocker with one name has a ton of ink, including: an Aztec mask that covers his entire back, a Celtic Triskele on his chest (it symbolizes perfection and the threefold nature of most Celtic gods), “Loesha” on his chest (his ex-wife’s name), a portrait of Jimi Hendrix on his left shoulder, “Clara” on his left arm (his daughter’s name), elephants making a chain around his left arm, some sort of traditional tribal marking on his left forearm, a snake on his right shoulder, a two-headed snake on his right arm, two dolphins making a circle on his right arm, a Native American bird symbol on his right arm, “LOVE” on his knuckles (both hands, that’s a lot of lovin), “FLEA” on his head, and a little girl drawn by his youngest daughter on his right forearm. The guy has a ton of ink and wears it well, and we’re sure he has even more that we don’t know about.

flea jimmy hendrix tattoo

flea chest tattoos

fles snake tattoo

flea smile

flea wrist tattoo

flea circle tattoo

flea chinese tattoo

flea back tattoo

flea fingers tattoo love

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