Flea’s Tattoos

Considered by many to be the greatest base-player in the history of hard-rock music, Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers is also a heavily tattooed dude. The rocker with one name has a ton of ink, including: an Aztec mask that covers his entire back, a Celtic Triskele on his chest (it symbolizes perfection and the threefold nature of most Celtic gods), “Loesha” on his chest (his ex-wife’s name), a portrait of Jimi Hendrix on his left shoulder, “Clara” on his left arm (his daughter’s name), elephants making a chain around his left arm, some sort of traditional tribal marking on his left forearm, a snake on his right shoulder, a two-headed snake on his right arm, two dolphins making a circle on his right arm, a Native American bird symbol on his right arm, “LOVE” on his knuckles (both hands, that’s a lot of lovin), “FLEA” on his head, and a little girl drawn by his youngest daughter on his right forearm. The guy has a ton of ink and wears it well, and we’re sure he has even more that we don’t know about.




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