Frank Mir’s Tattoos

Frank Mir Chest Tattoo

A multiple-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) World Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir has a pretty huge canvas to get tattooed on, and he’s slowly doing his best to use all the space that his body provides. Early in his career, Mir sported his name on his right arm and “Two Bodies Many Minds One Spirit” across his stomach. He later went on to get Asian characters on the back of his arms (which he later surrounded in a flame design), but we’re not totally sure what they mean (rumor has it that one or both of them mean “one with endless energy and stamina” or a similar translation). Finally, he got the hug piece on his back that includes his name, a Kanji symbol, and what appears to be dueling samurai. All of his ink is well done, and other than his over-usage of his own name, they’re all pretty cool, especially the intricate back piece. Mir seems like he’s fully addicted to ink, and he makes the big bucks in the UFC, so look for him to get more work in the future.

Frank Mir Back Tattoo

Frank Mir Arm Tattoo

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