Frankie Edgar’s Championship Caliber Ink

Frankie Edgar Tattoo Pic

Well folks, they don’t get much tougher than UFC Lightweight Champion of the World Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, and like all tough guys…and like all people from New Jersey (Toms River to be exact), he’s got some ink. Edgar, who holds wins over BJ Penn (2x), Shawn Sherk, Tyson Griffin, and Hermes Franca, is known for his tremendous heart, and thus has two lions tattooed on his left shoulder and shoulder blade. He also has a very nicely done quarter sleev that supposedly the logo for a band on his right shoulder (it en-circles/covers-up a dragon he’s always had there), and a scroll on his left forearm. Edgar is scheduled to headline UFC 136, where he faces off for a third time with the only man to ever beat him, Gray Maynard, who had some ink himself…but we like Frankie’s better, so we’re going to root for him. What? We’re not real journalists, we don’t have to be objective; we could be commies for all you care…we’re not…we’re Americans…these colors don’t run! (*Spikes laptop on floor, runs away screaming about eagles*)

Frankie Edgar Arm Tattoo

Frankie Edgar Shoulder Tattoo

Frankie Edgar Tattoo Picture

Frankie Edgar Wrist Tattoo


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