Frankie Muniz Tattoos

Frankie Muniz Arm Tattoo

Frankie Muniz, former star of Malcolm In The Middle and Agent Cody Banks; recently hasn’t been in the pubic eye as much as he used to. This is probably because he’s gotten too old to play little kids, but still looks too young to play adults. Either way, he’s taken his time out of the spotlight to join a band (called “You Hang Up” become a race-car driver, and to get two tattoos on the inside of his forearm. One of them, two checkered flags crossing each other like a coat of arms, appears to be in tribute to his love of racing. His other tattoo though, is a bit harder to understand. It obviously says “Zero”, but why? We’ve narrowed it down to three things: it’s a reference to The Smashing Pumpkins, it’s how many worries he has at this point in his insanely rich life, or it’s how many acting gigs he got offered last year.

Malcolm In The Middle Tattoo

Frankie Muniz Body Ink

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