Gisele Bundchen’s Little Wrist and AnkleTattoos

gisele face

gisele pose

Gisele Bundchen has done a lot as model; she almost single-handedly ended the “herion chic” era of ultra thin models, has made over millions and millions of dollars, and is the most prominent of all the Victoria’s Secret Angels. However, she hasn’t accomplished nearly as much in the tattoo chair; she has a few tattoos, but none of them are big enough to even qualify as “pieces” in our book. She has a little star on the inside of her wrist, a moon and stars on her ankle, and an undetermined design on her bikini line. We don’t see her getting any more ink done, as her modeling career involves a lot of her being in almost no clothing, and more ink means more make-up to cover it with, and more that just makes life harder. She’s also a mom and a wife now, two lifestyles that don’t usually lend themselves to getting a lot of inkage.

Gisele Bundchen Star Tattoo

grisele star wrist tattoo

gisele bundchen ankle tattoo

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